The Truth About Forever – Chapter 5

It was intriguing to read each of the failed email responses and track the increasing anger in each. Macy can’t reproduce the cold tone of Jason’s missive as she (unlike the tool) is human. Emotions are there for a reason. She did the classy thing and failed to respond, I think I would have recorded an angry mp3 and emailed it to the turd.

It is a terrible thing that Macy suspects that revealing her split with Jason will cause her mother to blame her. To have so little faith in one’s parent isn’t a great thing but is pretty normal when you are a teenager. That being said, I suspect my mother would always support me over a boyfriend, while acknowledging my role in the situation. The fact that Macy’s entire days are built around a list of to-do’s that sound pretty gosh darned boring should be sending warning signals to her mother. But I suspect that Macy’s “normalcy” is a relief in comparison to Caroline’s wild ways so I guess it’s not surprising.

I would find it super annoying to know my boyfriend had blabbed our breakup so that my frustrating co-workers could rub it in. Why is she still working there? I found it irritating to know that the Perfection Brigade thought that a six year old needing Mickey Mouse’s address was unworthy of their time. I work with kids everyday and I hate when people dismiss them. I think a six year old wanting to compose a letter to a character they adore is an admirable thing not something to be mocked or ignored. I cannot stand these girls. Quit Macy!

Preparing sandwiches over a silent house could in some circles sound preferable. Not so much for me but I live in a house with my sister and her partner so peace and quiet is not so available at the best of times. Watercress and cream cheese sandwiches? I have never consumed watercress as far as I can recall but the cream cheese and bread component says ‘count me in’. Reading Sarah’s books has definitely been great for the expansion of my food vocab.

I would have gotten lost on the way to Delia’s also. Thank goodness that lady was reading a book by flashlight (which I find quite peculiar). Country roads can be bad in daylight, at night they would be an absolute nightmare. I love that the book is one of Remy’s mother’s romance novels though, another nice shout out to This Lullaby.

Motoring up Delia’s driveway and seeing the artwork is quite an entry into Delia’s world. The outstretched metal hand really captured my imagination. The red heart sitting securely within its grasp is such a nice image – the safe keeping of someone’s heart or someone’s love. It can also be snatching your heart away, keeping it separate and hidden away. The dichotomy is nice.

Wes entering Macy’s field of vision through the darkness is oh so mysterious and spine tingling. I have to admit Wes is The Freaking Man in my head. He’s a Knight with Sharp Cheekbones, rescuing her from the evil pothole. Sigh. His comment that she knew the sculpture was interesting and is obviously foretelling a plot point. I have come to realise that this is evident in Sarah’s work, that there are certain signposts of future events. Actually I guess this is true of most stories and people too.

Car issues are the one thing (other than cats) that are a sure thing to get me hyperventilating. Macy is lucky that Wes is a take charge guy in terms of vehicular problems. I need one of them of my own. Although it might be easier if Delia and company had tried to temporary fill that hole with something until DOT did their job.

After learning that Wes can fix anything I love him even more. In the past week we’ve lost a refrigerator and washing machine to the good old, white goods home in the sky. I need a handy man! If Wes is a fixer then he really is perfect for Macy because her pieces need to be put back together again. Just because something is broken doesn’t mean they no longer have any use.

“You have to have a little bit of disorganisation now and then. Otherwise, you’ll never really enjoy it when things go right”.

Aren’t they the wisest words you’ve read today?

I would never have imagined Wish being an abbreviated version of Melissa but it makes sense. It’s curious that in this novel there is the hulking presence of people no longer living – Wish and Joe. Isn’t that what life is like too? The presence of those lost to us that influence different aspects of our life. Either way, it’s heart wrenching to know that so many teens in this novel have been affected by the death of a parent. You never think you’ll lose a parent so young which makes it all the more devastating when it does happen. Bert and Wes lost their mother after she was diagnosed with breast cancer so they had time to say goodbye, while also seeing her in pain. Macy got not such goodbye. I don’t know which is worse.

“Everything and everyone refracts, each person having a different reaction.”

Delia’s statement reminds me of my feelings that grief is a personal thing, individual to everyone. Delia makes grief sound like a prism, reflecting and magnifying a person’s internal struggle.

The hole metaphor that Delia used to describe her grief as a daily thing she circumnavigates seems oddly fitting. So does Macy’s note that unlike Delia she chose to deal with her grief by travelling at far away from the hole as possible. If there was anything to add I would suggest that Macy always kept an eye on that hole in her review mirror. Grief is unescapable. You just need to make sure you have a fixer person near to help you travel on through.

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