The Truth About Forever – Chapter 4

I cannot believe that Macy had the cajones to show up out of the blue and unannounced to one of Wish’s catering jobs. This is definitely Macy stretching her wings in the face of Jason’s craptastic break up email. Not only that but she presented herself to Delia. For someone who believes she lacks courage this was kind of a big deal. I wouldn’t have done it. I shrink at parties where I don’t know anyone.

Monotone is a perfect nickname.

We have the pleasure of meeting Kristy in all her ringlets, red lipstick wearing, mini-skirt garbed glory. What I love about Kristy is her boldness. She might be branded with scars but that doesn’t restrict her. She forces you to confront your issues with her scars rather than visa versa. Kristy is quite brave when you really think about it.

“Doesn’t it seem, sometimes, that the whole damn world’s uphill?”

Yep, sometimes it does. Yet this girl who has obviously experienced something quite traumatic can be so sunny. Kristy Palmetto should be a lesson to us all. Her note that ‘anyone can be Kristy’ and Macy’s internal response of ‘maybe’, demonstrates how special this girl is. Macy is able to recognise this straight away despite her current funk. Her observations of Kristy were accurate but sad at the same time.

“Something so electric, alive, that I recognised it instantly, if only because it was so lacking in myself.”

I also find it incredibly frustrating that Kristy would make Delia run late because of her clothing. It’s catering for goodness sakes, black pants and a white shirt. If you forget that just visualise a penguin. I am guessing employees are hard to come by for Delia, hence hiring Macy on the spot.

I think I could be a waitress with the being invisible, announcing the dish and keeping crumpled napkins from the platter. The similtaneously walking and carrying food would be the thing that tripped me up. Gobblers and grabbers are people I instantly recognise from a multitude of catered events, I think I sometimes have a tendency to be the former. If it’s good food you definitely need a strategy to coral the servers!

Despite Kristy’s inability to be punctual, she seems to know how to work the room pretty well. Grandmas would starve if it weren’t for her. Not that my grandma would ever want to eat something hoity-toity with goat’s cheese in it. What can I say – my grandma is a food bigot.

The first time I read this novel I had a realisation about the ellipsis. I had always called it the dot-dot-dot usually punctuated with a pointed finger motion. If Sarah Dessen has taught me anything it is the proper name for this little (but very important) punctuation item. My schooling was obviously lacking.

“…That was the problem with having the answers. It was only after you gave them that you realised they sometimes weren’t what people wanted to hear.”

I feel bad that Macy is blaming herself for the napkin error and the bride’s subsequent distress. I can’t imagine being that upset over the inclusion of an ellipsis or even ordering personalised napkins but I guess that’s how the goat’s cheese toast crumbles.

The constant chaos, mistakes being made left and right and the swelling of stress levels sounds like my kind of hell. But this is what Macy needs in her life, some cuddly turmoil to make her realise that truly being a part of life means a certain level of messiness. She’s beginning to make the first steps towards being an active person instead of a passive passenger on the Jason train to Loserville. Her realisation that amongst this chaos there is an optimistic belief that everything will be okay is something she also needs to reconcile in her brain. Her father may have died but not all situations conclude in such a devastating way. Sometimes the silver lining overwhelms the cloud.

Being around the Wish Crew also seems to bring out the snark in Macy. Something I very much appreciate. Her note on the groper –

“He’d pawed me for about five minutes while attempting to dab the stain out, resulting in me getting arguably more actions than I had ever had from Jason.”

I was laughing myself silly at this. Not because she’d been groped but that she was so cynically reflecting on her bad relationship with Jason and how he hadn’t been meeting her needs.

The Bertmobile (Wes was right, bad name) is a white former-ambulance splotched with grey. I am not going to harp on about how delusional Bert is, as one’s first car is always treasured no matter how badly it runs or funky it smells. My baby was Dixie, a 1979 white Mazda Sedan 626 and she was glorious until she died from an unfortunate run in with a Suzuki. The driver’s door would fly open as you drove but I didn’t care because she was my first car, my door to freedom. Although I must admit that the idea that many people have died in the Bertmobile is a little confronting.

We get our first clue that Bert and Wes’ life hasn’t been all roses with the quiet comment that Bert was “a wish come true” for his mother. There was a moment following this comment that made it clear that his mother is a sensitive subject matter. Maybe something he has in common with Macy?

Gotcha sounds like an idiotic game but also like something I would end up playing. So simple, yet it provides hours of fun. A game of half-wits sounds like the perfect game to while away the summer. It also seems like something my brothers and his friends would do for giggles when extremely bored. Well, that or Guitar Hero.

I love the moment where Wes and Macy sidestep each other in a futile attempt to move forward. Macy’s embarrassment and flush show that she isn’t impervious to a handsome, tattooed bartender and I squee on the inside. Nerd or hot, smouldering, bad-boy type? Is there any other answer? The nerd dumped her, time to get her freak on with Cheekbone Boy.

I was chanting for Macy to go out for a night on the town in the Bertmobile. Macy Go Go Go. But she didn’t. Baby steps. Next time.


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