The Truth About Forever – Chapter 3

 “I had almost a fear of sleeping, sure that something bad would happen if I ever allowed myself to be fully unconscious, for even a second.”

I think a simpleton could understand her inability to sleep.  I think that losing a parent in such a way would probably rob me of my ability to sleep in also.  I wonder why Macy hasn’t been seeing a grief counsellor or something of the sort.  I have been to one before for a different matter, I hated the idea of talking to someone I didn’t know about my problems but in the end it was freeing.  Why hadn’t Macy’s mother seen past her own pain to help her daughter deal with her own?

I am not athletic but the way Sarah described Macy’s joy in running made me consider going for a jog.  Flight – the rush of speed and weightless as the wind rushes through your hair, must be exhilarating.  The euphoria of being first would just add to the pleasure.  However it’s the bond with her father, the sharing of stories that filled her with joy.  Macy not only lost her father and running but she lost her joy.

I think it’s scary that she removed everything and everyone from her world that reminded her of her dad.  Friends that had been really supportive were effectively cut from her sphere with scalpel like precision.  I wonder if Macy ever thought that by isolating herself and quitting the team she was prolonging the appearance of The Face?  Most people would feel sympathy and pity for her with her self-exile.  I really feel for this girl.  All her actions and choices make sense but as an outsider I see what it is further costing her too.

Bethany and Amanda sound like a joy to behold.  Obviously part of the Perfection Brigade they worship at the asexual altar of Jason.  These girls are a stereotype but in this case it’s depicting real life.  Sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason and these judgemental, hoity-toity tosser twins are definitely a bag full of suckage.   These girls with their neat manicures, spotless shirts and perfect hair would detest me with my permanently crumpled, non-matching, kinky haired glory.  Their deliberate attempts to cut Macy out from contributing something to her position was getting me extremely pissed off.  Are they jealous of her or her relationship with Jason?  Or is it a fear of a somewhat unfamiliar person in their workspace?  More importantly, where is their supervisor?

Jason’s response to her vent-ridden email was a demoralising as I suspected it would be.  Telling Macy that she isn’t focussed enough?  Does this guy have any emotions or empathy to speak of?  I want to knee him in the groin…hard.

There is no place in a working environment for interpersonal issues.”  Clearly the boy has never really been aware of workplace politics or he would never have said this.  These interpersonal issues are impossible to avoid.

“I’d never really allowed myself to mourn, just jumped from shocked to fine-just-fine, skipping everything in between.  But now I wished I had sobbed for my dad Caroline-style, straight from the gut.”

Well that may have been healthier for her in the long term.  I would have recommended for her to watch The Notebook and the tears would have come.  (Ah, Ryan Gosling.)  The girl needs to cry at some point, a few years later is better than not at all.  Crying for some people is a melodramatic event to gain attention but regardless of your tears, they are a great way to expel emotions.  I have shed many in my continuing war with technology. 

Caroline sounds like fun.  But unfortunately she also sounds like one of those girls who laughs a touch too loud at guys’ jokes and is the one that turns psycho after consuming one too many pre-mixes.  The sobbing and wailing at the funeral now make sense.  This girl is all about the dramatic punch of life.  Leaving everything out in the open and enjoying the warping waves of life.  I can’t begrudge that but I am much more in tune with Macy’s need for propriety. 

I completely understand the love that you have for a sibling.  They can be crawling in and out of your bedroom window at all hours or yelling at you for some perceived slight but it’s nice to know that they are there.  Sharing a bed with a drunken sister though does not sound like fun.  What I am trying to say is that the need to protect a sibling through lying or omission is an ingrained thing.  The positive is that when my little sister is a little sloshed she’s very sweet … but is also armed with a hug that can maim.

Caroline’s speedy marriage to Wally seems a little suspect for me.  Despite her “obvious adoration” I can see why people would think that she’s trying to find a substitute father figure in him.  I think that’s an easy deduction to make but perhaps with her father’s death she realised how precious Wally was to her and settled.  I love that she calls Macy out on effectively being boring and spending her nights studying.  It needed to be said.  The girl has a boyfriend and still isn’t doing anything fun on her weekends.  Macy is curious about Caroline’s “wild days” but is unwilling to have some of her own.  I think her curiosity is the first step.

If the boxes are the physical reminder of her father’s passing then the Colby beach house is a memorial.  A place that none of the ladies left from Joe’s life wish to revisit.  Well until now anyway.  I think it’s fitting that Caroline would be the one to try and find the joy in the place.  I love the inclusion of Macy’s remembrances of her trips there with her dad.  The mention of Last Chance, the main setting of the events of Keeping the Moon, was a nice touch which also made me hungry for hamburgers.

Jason’s email made me detest the guy even more.  Since when does saying ‘I love you’ equate to dependency?  This is coming from a guy that wouldn’t know affection if it smacked him over the head.  He’s just so cold that I cannot get my head around him.  He’s a guy that will never experience joy or sadness because he’s too goal orientated, forgetting that the journey is important too.  Are all his charity works and good deeds as meaningless if he fails to connect with people?

The best thing is that Jason’s request for a break caused Macy to leave the museum of a house and drive.  It’s probably the most spontaneous decision she’s made in the past few years.  Her realisation regarding Jason was stunningly clear but hurtful in the same breath –

“To him, I was a commitment that had become more of a burden than an asset, and his time was just too precious to waste.”

It was so accurate a summation of the dick that was her boyfriend that the sentence jumped out at me.  It also pointed out how little Macy and her feelings were really considered by this Perfect Man.  I think it’s interesting that Sarah’s protagonists Macy and Remy (This Lullaby) both have dated Perfect Men and both these guys have been underwhelming.  Too much stock is placed in perfection.

Seeing the WISH van seems to be a sign.  I am glad she followed them because it’s time that Macy has an adventure of her own.  If anything is going to bring Macy back to life, it’s the chaos of the WISH catering crew.

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