The Truth About Forever – Chapter 2

Looks like Macy and I share hair issues, how frustrating is it when it just doesn’t do what you want? For instance, today I am sporting a Carol Brady inspired flip that would be completely rocking if this were the seventies. It’s not fair when your hair might have a higher IQ and drive than you. I suspect this because my hair’s will power seems to be stronger than my own.

It was great to hear a character describe themselves in such a blah fashion. She’s short, got a rounded face and pretty ordinary features. Whether or not this description is influenced by poor self-esteem or she really is pretty average, I don’t care as I like that she isn’t a freaking supernaturally gorgeous individual that I cannot relate to. The one detail that really stuck with me was the comment that for her “…hairstyle was defined as always having a ponytail elastic around her wrist”. That was me in high school, except that I never ran. But this was before her father’s death and now everything is about appearances. It must be exhausting.

Macy’s mothers selling technique makes great sense to me. Showing the final product complete with family is a great selling point and obviously results in multiple sales or she wouldn’t host them repeatedly. Queen Homes was built from the ground up, literally and figuratively, by Macy’s parents. Weren’t those little chocolate houses, that Nate and Ruby packaged in Lock and Key, for Queen Homes? Nice crossover. Wasn’t Wildflower Ridge the niehgbourhood where Jamie and Cora’s house was too? I am loving it.

Macy’s mother sounded like the real drive behind the business. Her father started it up and got it up and going but her mother possessed the vision. It is no real surprise that upon his death she focussed more energy into ensuring the success of the business she and her husband grew. If only she was putting some more focus into their other projects – her children.

Working at the library seems to be a bad idea. Even worse, Macy seems to realise it but feels it’s her duty to replace Jason. Duty is what is propelling her at this stage and she doesn’t appear to be getting much in return. She apparently loves Jason but does she really? I haven’t heard one personality trait that would make me love him. I prefer to think she loves the way he makes her feel balanced and on top of things rather than the nerd himself.

Crash, bang, boom. How about that as a meet cute? Having the absolute crap scared out of you by Bert and then rescued by a platter brandishing, heavenly cheek-boned, long haired dreamboat. I know everyone loves Dexter (This Lullaby) but Wes is much more appealing to me. I think Dexter and I would simultaneously knock one another unconscious, whereas Wes would make me speechless.

“There are no accidents”. Bert is a character that equally irritates and entertains me. I think I would find him vastly entertaining in the mocking sense, if I were to meet him in person (but alas he’s fictional). Was this one line indicating Macy’s crash into the Wish Catering Crew as fate or just an allusion to his outer worldly interests?

Crab cakes sound yummy. Never had one, will have to add it to the Sarah Dessen Shopping List just below tangerines.

And then we are introduced to the Wish Catering crew in all their chaotic glory.

  • Lucy – wailing from near the sink (I wonder if Sarah’s depiction of kids will change now that she’s had Sasha? This novel was written BS – Before Sasha.)
  • Bert – toting cheese puff and preparing a ‘futuristically’ embellished crab cake story for the guests.
  • Wes – working the bar
  • Monica – smoking, then slowly (very slowly) assisting Delia in her time of need.
  • Delia – frantically keeping track of her employees, the food, her daughter and (hopefully) her mind.

“You’d think moving slowly would make someone less accident prone. Clearly Monica, was bucking this logic.”

What can I say? I love a klutz!

I find it very interesting that Macy seems to be in her element surrounded by chaos. Taking in the different personalities of the crew and finding a rhythm with the crab cakes. I guess I shouldn’t be as she’s being judged on her own merits rather than Jason’s or her mother’s. There’s less pressure, I would imagine it’s quite freeing. You can see that Delia’s offer of a job is just what she needs but may not be brave enough to break out of the status quo.

Delia’s comment makes me laugh heartily.

“I could always use someone who can take directions and walk in a straight line.”

I love the sense of wackiness that permeates this novel.

Jason writes an email of reminders? He needs to be given the heave-ho, now.

Macy is so used to the ‘dead dad’ title that Bert’s comment about her being Coach Joe’s dad surprises her. I can remember reading this book for the first time and thinking her relationships with this crew were going to be constantly surprising to her. That it’s the curve balls that make life interesting and in the case of Macy and Bert’s family, can also make it tragic. The key is to duck and weave when you can and if it does get you, pop back up and again and dust yourself off.

A Note from Adele

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I am trying to come up with an icon for this book but if you are artistically inclined please send something in.
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