This Lullaby – Chapter 17

Remy is searching reception halls for the G Flats aka The Truth Squad, in the hopes of finding Dexter.  Gosh I hope there is an apology coming his way, otherwise I am going to feel ripped off with so little pages left.  I laughed aloud when Ted started gagging during the power ballad.  C’mon that’s funny.  It would have been funnier if they had been doing a cover of a Celine Dion song but it’s funny regardless. 

Chickening out, pressed against the wall, Remy realised that Dexter was telling the truth all along.  He had realised from the beginning that they were meant to be, fated.  The sensation in her arm, his words were the truth. 

Dexter sitting on the kerb just trying to survive the night has no idea that she’s there.  Her approach, clumsy and ill timed seems perfect.  She crashes into him just as he crashed into her life at the beginning of summer. 

“Did you really believe, that first day, that we were meant to be together?” I asked him.

He looked at me and then said, “You’re here, aren’t you?”

Such certainty and faith is to be admired.  I don’t believe I am capable of it but I am glad that he is.  But he makes her take the chance to close the gap, to connect them and her step forward pays off.

There’s not much more to say than – sigh.


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