This Lullaby – Chapter 18


Summer’s done.

There is no reading between the lines to be done with Barbara’s new novel.  She is starting anew and needs no man to do so.

I thought that the collection of warped photos were a great way to represent the summer.  In the beginning Remy had such a clear vision and yet by the end everything had warped to become clearer and more truthful.  More revealing of what she really needed, which in this case was Dexter.

Truth Squad had made the deal with Rubber Records.  I want one of those stickers desperately.  Turns out they recorded This Lullaby as the second track on their EP and this time the man singing it wasn’t going to let her down.  Dexter amazingly but expectedly was supporting her need to be at college.  Remy isn’t the touring kind but I could see her touching base, as is touched on with his photo note.

They are perfect in their imperfections.  He knows her best and loves her for it.  Isn’t that all we can ask of someone.  Like Louisa May Alcott wrote “…love is the great beautifier” in the best sense possible.


A Note from Adele

I am finished.  Wow.  Who would have thought it was possible a fortnight ago?  Not me.  Anyway I really want to keep riding this wave of activity with the new novel.  Please help me choose which one is next.

Girl Week has wrapped up over at Reviewer X’s site.  Drop by and see all the fantastic reviews, guest blogs and interviews Steph managed to collate over the past week.  Congrats on an awesome job!!

Melissa and Anna over at introduced me to Poladroid and for that I am forever grateful.

I had an idea, maybe not an especially good one but an idea nevertheless.  Penguin is trying to come up with a title for Sarah’s online community – how about something iconic from this book like Hate Spinnerbait or Truth Squad?  Or is that too much of a Sarah Dessen reader clique thing?  Your thoughts?

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