This Lullaby – Chapter 16

So Patty and Don had been having an affair behind her husband’s back.  Don wanted Patty to himself but she refused to leave her husband so he married Barbara.  This marriage acted as a catalyst for Patty to leave her husband and resume her affair with Don but this time behind Barbara’s back.  These people needed to communicate instead of engaging in tawdry sex and taking lewd photos.  This is horribly unfair on both Barbara and the unnamed husband of Patty.  Infidelity is a messy, horrible business that tarnishes all.  I have always been of the opinion that wanting to stray is an indication that you have timed out of your current one.  It’s just so hurtful.

I really enjoyed the timing of the matter.  That Jennifer Anne and Chris announce their engagement on the cusp of his mother telling them of her nasty news.  It bought some much needed levity to the situation.  The cuts between the different news being relayed was charming and Barbara’s decision to push her sadness aside to find joy in her son’s happiness was very admirable.  Barbara is being a bigger person, a person she’s never had to be before and it suits her.

I love that Remy had some helpful hints for Jennifer Anne in the wedding planning department and that Barbara wanted to help them too.  This is the person that allowed her daughter to plan the majority of her nuptials.  It shows enormous growth for a character we don’t see too much of in this novel. 

I love that Lissa got her moment.  She manned up and finally asked her KaBoom co-worker, PJ, out only to discover that it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be.  How empowering.  I so badly want a happy ending for this girl but I suspect that finding her inner strength is her happy ending.  Maybe that’s not as splashy as a passionate kiss in the rain but it’s still pretty amazing.  I cannot believe that Lissa is the one to call Remy on her crap.

“Remy, as long as I have known you, you always thought you had it all figured out.  And then something happened this summer that made you wonder if you were right after all.  I think you always believed in love, deep down.”

I think that it is fantastic that of her three friends, Lissa is the one to bring the truth home and to have the gumption to say it.  Bravo Lissa.

Maybe all the boys were her way of searching for love.  To find the guy that would restore her faith, the faith that was robbed from her by a man she never met, who wrote her such a memorable song.

I like her girlfriends calling her out on her incorrect assumptions about Dexter’s role in the photo debacle.  I cannot believe she needed this pointed out to her.  She is a supremely intelligent individual and this was a completely ridiculous jump on her behalf.  Good work from her friends in pointing out the stupidity of her accusations against Dexter.

I love the pegging of Don’s car with Zip Coke’s.  He deserved worse but why waste a good arm?

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