This Lullaby – Chapter 15

Remy’s co-workers are so unbelievably sweet.  Giving her five hundred dollars is so generous and so unnecessary but a way for them to express their love for her.   I love that they want her to spend it on incidentals rather than text books – now that is a gift that is fun!  And more importantly it represented their best wishes for her future success.

I loved that sensation when I was just about to leave for college.  The packing, the preparation, the sense that everything was about to change…permanently.  Then the fears started – what was Mum going to do with my room, would home feel like home when I returned, would people forget me?  Remy is going through the same emotions but with the plus side of attending a kick ass university.  Stanford.  Isn’t that where Ryan from The OC went?  (Proof that American television is ruining me.)  “The Remy That Had Been”.  The truth is, you are never again the same person you were in high school.  Not only do your surrounds, home and friends change but so do you.

“Just because my father had left me a legacy of the expectation that men would let me down didn’t mean I had to accept it.” 

How’s that for some ground breaking self realisation?  I feel so proud of her, which is bizarre because she is fictional.  But then she really isn’t as Sarah has crafted a character that feels real, speaks real and acts real.  Remy is real and it’s because of this that This Lullaby is many reader’s favourite Dessen novel.  I get it now.

Fueled by champagne, Remy decides to brave Flash Camera and talk to the recently returned Dexter.  Dexter’s report of the DC Rubber Record meeting was what I expected, Ted throwing a hissy fit.  Why don’t they replace him already?  He’s snarky, difficult and stubborn – just like Remy!   Except – not hot.

I find it very confronting that Dexter assumed she was five days away from falling completely and irrevocably in love with him.  If someone said that to me, my immediate reaction would be to deny.  As was Remys.  I would probably run out immediately after denying it, no one would be brave enough to admit to it.  He had to know her well enough to know that she would run.  Was it a deliberate attempt to keep her guessing or just a mismanaged move?   Turns out it was a joke or the truth cloaked in a joked.  My guess is the former.

Dexter brings out the soon-to-be new additions to the photo wall.  Unfortunately one ends up being Patty posed in a very sexual manner in front of the ugly tapestry in her mother’s room.  Either Don’s cheating on Barbara in his wife’s bedroom or Barbara’s being experimental.  I think Don’s proved to be an ass already so the cheating isn’t a stretch.  He had the gall to bring this woman to the place where he resides with his wife and her children is surprisingly bold though.  Or stupid.

I do not for one second think that the appearance of this photo was an act of revenge.  I do not understand how Remy can believe that either.  We all know Dexter well enough by this point to know that the thought would never occur to him.  I guess anger blinded her ability to reason.

Remy gets home to find that Barbara has been sent the same photo .  A crappy move from Patty for sure.  I love Barbara’s mentioned that 

“I missed him.  All those Ensures, and not one made contact.  I have terrible aim…Even one would have made it better.  Somehow.”

I wish she’d hit him with every single one.  They have been married for less than one summer and he’s cheating on her.  From what we saw at the barbeque, I am assuming this is a long term affair.  Poor Barbara.  All this puts Remy straight into damage control mode and no teenager should know so clearly what to do in this situation.  She really is too old for her years.  I love that Barbara finally realised this too, deciding it is her time to take charge.  To take responsibility.  To be the mother.

And it scared her to know that she may not be needed.  To be free was not necessarily what she wanted anymore.

“…I felt strangely alone, as if everything fell away suddenly, leaving me with only the sound of my heart beating.  It scared me.”

Her mother had finally grown up.


A Note from Adele

I bought my teenage step-sister her Christmas present today.  A copy of Just Listen.  I am hoping that once she gets over the disappointment of receiving a book as a gift she will enjoy Sarah’s words as much as I have.  Weirdly it felt like an oddly personal gift, I wonder why?

I have discovered a show called Kyle XY and hence the last few days have been entry-light.  I think I am in love with Matt Dallas.

Remember to vote for which book I cover next – three chapters to go.

Submit questions you have for Sarah (should I get an interview) to me via my email at the top left corner of the page.

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