Reviewer X’s blog is the only non-Dessen related link I have in my navigation bar.  Sure some of that has to do with me being lazy but mainly it’s due to the fact that her blog is great for readers.

Who is Reviewer X ?

In her own words … Steph (or Reviewer X) is a sophomore at a freakin’ hard prep school. She aspires to be an oncologist (overachieving), a writer (pipe dream), and/or a circus clown (damn cool), but fears the only thing aforementioned freakin’ hard prep school is preparing her for is what is known in medical circles as “cerebral asphyxiation stimulated by the incessant feeding of copious amounts of useless information such as precalculus”. When she is not anticipating her imminent brain suffocation, Steph is readily and steadily wading her way through thousands of pages of beautifully (or not so beautifully) constructed prose, crashing random parties, and being an overall wholesome teen (who relies heavily on sarcasm).

What does she do?

She writes reviews about YA literature, interviews YA authors, presents news about YA world and in general lust after books.

What is Girl Week?

A celebration of strong female characters & feminism in YA lit!”  I can’t say that any better, am I peaking your interest?

Girl Week Directory

So I am asking you to go over to Reviewer X’s blog via the link immediately above and have a gander at the interviews and reviews she has written.  If you are lucky you might even win one of the many YA orientated contests she runs.  Happy blog reading!


One thought on “GIRL WEEK

  1. Steph says:

    OMG! Very official intro – thanks! This is incredibly nice 🙂

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