This Lullaby – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Two reviews in the past few days and suddenly there is hardly any pages left in the book.  You can usually count on Sarah’s last few chapters being of the short persuasion, which is great as a blogger and both thrilling and depressing at a reader. 

Trey’s car sounds like an ocean liner, absolutely too big and too luxurious.  I want one.  Now.  I would be too afraid to drink or eat in it though.  My spatial lack of awareness is becoming legendary in my city.  There is no wall or crack I won’t bump into or fall over.  I am an equal opportunity klutz and that applies to Range Rovers too.

I love that Remy can find fault in perfection.  That this guy, who is courteous, shells out money like he has mob affiliations and attends college, could still be deemed a yawn fest. 

“He was … Perfect Paul, the Ideal Boyfriend Exhibit A”.

Yep she’s bored out of her freaking mind.  Bring back Dex!

There had to be another unfortunate meeting between Dexter and Remy.  Meeting in front of the Quik Zip seemed like she was deliberately being a wench, despite it being coincidental.  Window tinting has never been so appreciated in its entire existence.  I love that the boys are three sheets to the wind though, drunk can be funny when needs be.  (Unlike Ruby and her puking.) Ted has no sense of humour and that’s beginning to bug me.  It makes sense though, in a group of friends there is usually the overly grounded, party pooper.  The photo shoot was just plain entertaining, I could picture it clearly in my mind.

“The fair Remy did not see me as a worthwhile risk.”

She really didn’t.  She couldn’t risk her heart over him and knowing her history I understand.  So should he.  Do you think he understood?  Maybe too clearly. 

The coke debacle was humiliating and really highlighted how well he knows her.  He doesn’t sweat the small stuff, he might be dying inside but no one would know it.  Dexter’s not afraid of his feelings for her.  Paul was remarkably relaxed about the whole thing, maybe he sees Remy as a place holder until college starts up too.

Maybe Dexter isn’t fine with it.  I love cranky, drunk Dexter with his accusatory, wobbly finger.  I love that he called her on her BS.  That the friendship approach was just a ruse and he cannot believe she thought he was genuine.  I love that he hates Trey’s Spinnerbait sticker on his car.  I love that he’s raising his voice.  Dexter can get riled up.  Maybe this is what she brings to him?  Passion.  Directness.

His comment that every word from the beginning was true confused me too.  There was so much silliness in that period, how much truth could there really be?  Did that first day count?  Were his grand claims of their destiny a pick up line or his certainty in their future?  Either way, you cannot blame Remy for being uncertain here.

Barbara seems to be catching on that her marriage isn’t going all that well.  Self-awareness never hurt anyone.

The band is officially meeting with Rubber Records.  I can’t see this going well with all those personalities coming to an agreement.

The girls running through the tawdry history of Remy’s love life was a fun listen for me.  But being Remy in that situation wasn’t fun at all.  It really highlighted that she’s alone despite dating all these guys.  It showed how superficial and shallow she can be.  How she makes it easy to not connect with people.  And that Dexter brought her out of that long time funk.  Kicking and screaming – but out into the light.

It made Remy sound like a tramp, a perception I shared at the beginning of this book.  What a long way I have come.  Her exhaustion at initiating another break up was really telling to me.  She’s had enough of Old Remy.  Old Remy couldn’t deal with Dexter in her life but maybe New Remy can.


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