This Lullaby – Chapter 13

In attempt to catch up on months of neglect here’s my bullet point summary of Chapter 13.

  • There is no way on Earth I would allow someone called Talinga to cut my hair.  Never going to happen.
  • Hairdressers shouldn’t play matchmaker.  Mine tried once.  Never again.  Why do they think that because they know your hair, they know who’s right for you?
  • Paul’s too normal.
  • Meeting Dexter whilst on date – awkward!
  • Exes don’t discuss maybes, good try Dex.
  • Defective cameras – wanna bet this becomes a story point somewhere along the line bringing some great clarity to Remy’s life.
  • Don bellows at her mum – ditch him, Barbara!

Okay I can’t dot point her discussion with her mother about the past marriages.  I like that Barbara shares her view point that a string of failed relationships is better than having been alone all that time.  I don’t know if I agree but I can see where she is coming from.  I don’t however, see how she can classify Don as being nice to her.  Bellowing doesn’t equal nice.

  • Paul is still too nice.
  • I love that Lissa talks positively about both Dexter and Paul.  She truly sees the best in people, or is that just boys?
  • It’s nice to see Remy doing a favour for Lucas despite not being with Dexter anymore.  I like that she was inordinately interested in events at the little yellow house and of the band.  She’s not moving on.
  • Barbara’s atypical conclusion to her romance novel has Remy wondering if she’s preaching to settle.  Is that what Barbara has chosen to do with Don?  I suspect that she has.


A Note from Adele

Check out from some girly goodness.

I will try and get a podcast out asap.  I promised last time and made a liar of myself, so I will just say I will try this time.

I have not asked Sarah if she would be willing to do an interview regarding This Lullaby as yet.  I will enquire soon, perhaps after Christmas.  Should you have anything you are curious about please email me at


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