This Lullaby – Chapter 12

I have pushed aside the many reports I need to edit to give my take on chapter 12 of this great novel (which isn’t getting the greatest service from yours truly.)

Lissa’s new job doesn’t sound great. Having known a friend of mine that worked for Red Bull as a salesperson, I know that it can also be an extremely fun way to get paid. That being said, he also drank fourteen of those things a day. Warning – not recommended in any shape or form. People with that much caffeine and taurine in their systems are an accident waiting to happen. Red Bull does sound like it tastes better than KaBoom though. But then many people get addicted and/or fond of beverages that don’t initially taste nice e.g. beer, red wine, coffee. Sales suck. I never want to have to work in sales again, the teen years were sufficient to last me a lifetime. I do feel bad for Lissa though, her boyfriend broke up with her and she has a dubious job. Her karma must stink.

Don Davis’s Toyotafaire sounds like it would be hell. The general public, balloons and salespeople all milling around in an area filled with Land Cruisers. At least it’s a way that Remy can come across Dexter again, his band having to play cover songs. I hope Ted suffers hard and plenty.

Don’s integration into Remy’s family life seems to be quite bumpy. I am always incredulous, when seeing people I know really well, appear to be blissfully ignorant of behaviour their partners exhibit that would typically set them off. Love can have a blinding effect on people.

I love the idea of the beaded curtain. I am reminded of the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz but with a crazy eccentric, romance writer instead of a moustache twirling, balloon loving man. I find the numbing effects of love to be curious. I am a little jealous but mainly I am puzzled that someone else can possess the ability to remove staunch pet peeves and make them irrelevant to you. I need someone to promptly enable me to not freak out when people leave dishes IN the sink. Dream man, where are you and your sink calming powers?

Going crazy over an author? That is a completely foreign concept to me (wink, wink.) Would I ever gush like the bum-bag wearer did over Barbara? I would like to say no but then I have never been lucky enough to meet any of the authors that have inspired me. That’s mainly due to them being dead or in America. Sigh. Here’s where I should buy a ticket to the US to meet one of the stops for Sarah’s book tour in 2009 or start heavy campaigning for Sarah to drop Down Under. I can see myself gushing over characters and their interactions with one another. I tend to feel passionately about most characters, Jane Austen is lucky I cannot grill her about Lizzie.

“So I’m thinking…that we need to be friends” this from a guy that left town each of the times his previous flings have ended? Exes as friends are rarely successful. Case and point – my really good friend is still friends with her ex and everyone I know finds that peculiar because it just doesn’t happen. They are the exception and thus should be stared at with amazement. Exes just aren’t meant to be friends. Dexter is obviously trying the friend angle to re-establish their relationship. Will Remy see through it? She’s logical and her many points about it being possible to be friends were extremely valid in my mind. Yet Dexter found her weakness, appealing to her need to win a challenge, to be the best. He had her pegged and she hadn’t even realised. She surely has met her match.

Of course there would be rules. This is Remy we are talking about. Her need to control and compartmentalise areas of her life, made the rules a prerequisite. No touching – necessary if there isn’t to be any hanky panky. Acknowledgment of awkwardness – necessary but definitely a harder rule to enforce. I would definitely be mocking the concept that friendship is possible. Put me alongside Chloe and Lissa, I would have been the one voicing vehemently negative opinions the loudest. I am such a cynic.

Chloe has begun warming up on me. The fact that she shamed Remy into going out with the college guy was great strategising and very Dexter-like when you think about it. I loved that she inadvertently stumbled across the fact that Remy had driven past Dexter’s house, reminiscent of Lissa’s coping mechanisms. Remy’s decision to go on the date as a means to protect her flaking reputation is interesting too. She’s not trying to convince herself that it could be something, more a means to an end. Dexter’s end, the end to her summer and an end to her time at home.

Her date, Evan, has greasy hair. That’s a deal breaker for me. Unless you are Tim Riggins, Dillon USA. Chloe had picked the boys up at Wal-Mart while purchasing trash bags, I wonder if the irony was completely lost on her? The boys are geeks and I got uncomfortable at the unflattering representation of them and their topic of conversations. These are my people. I am a geek, I talk to geeks but I can talk non-geek unlike many of my brethren. Geeks rule – but this group may not. Although the unwashed hair is now perfectly understandable.

Don’s rage was spectacularly inappropriate. I understand that getting locked out is horrible but the temper he displayed was overshooting what was a reasonable reaction. He clearly has no understanding of teenagers and their somewhat unreliable use of cell phones. For instance, my baby brother refuses to answer his if any family member’s number is displayed. Not because he doesn’t love us, more than he appreciates time with his friends unhampered by family. Sure this is annoying but if it is very necessary to speak with him, we just call his BF.

When it further revealed that they have waited under a hour and that Christopher has also been difficult to get in contact with, I am angered. Don and his stubby finger need an immediate chill pill. I nearly cheered when Remy stood up to him and defended both herself and her mother. Don had no business speaking to either of them in that fashion. Step-fathers should be on their best behaviour in terms of accusatory language and he wasn’t. Especially as if was his own fault he didn’t have his keys. The surge of protectiveness that Remy felt for her mother is nothing new for me. I wouldn’t consider myself to be brave but if anyone is disrespectful or threatening to my siblings or mother – I am a tigress. Considering Don’s words, I think Remy did well to be that controlled with her response to him.

I felt for Lissa, I really did. I have been in situations where I have been present for someone else’s family issue and it’s the most uncomfortable experience ever. I think of all of Remy’s friends, Don’s rage would have intimidated Lissa the most. Hence the shrinking.

Barbara is in a harder position than Lissa. She too was locked out and had to experience a hour of Don’s voiced frustrations and anger towards her children. I ask – where were her keys? She was between a rock and a hard place, her new husband and her children. He spoke to her in a demeaning manner in front of her daughter and that must have been humiliating. To have your own daughter defend you would just make this mortification worse. Yet, she didn’t acknowledge Remy at the end of the night. Was this her own humiliation or shame for her daughter?

“Love is an excuse to put up with shit that you shouldn’t. That’s how it gets you. It throws off the scales so that things that should weigh heavily don’t seem to. It’s a crock. A trap.”   Wow, sounds like one of my earlier paragraphs huh? Dexter’s got an uphill battle here. Remy’s mother, who  taught Remy all about being strong has been wiped out by love. Remy will be rebelling even more from the emotion now.

Remy didn’t sleep with Dexter and this confirms to her friends that she really felt for him. I understand the thinking but it always seems a little like a standby mechanism for the reformed slut. Not that Remy has ever been depicted as such by herself or her friends but regardless, her not sleeping with Dexter had meaning. The description of Dexter as someone Remy “could fall in love with” is a bit of an eye opener. It’s the ‘could’ that scares her, she’s let him in already. He’s half way there. I like that Dexter was the one resisting the physical intimacy of their relationship but I do wonder why. Also, how does a boy resist a clearly responsive girl that he’s head over heels for?

Remy’s discussion with Chris is an important one. It highlights to her that falling in love may not be a decision to be made. More than not it happens without you been conscious of it. If that is the case she cannot control it, can she? That may be the scariest element of love for her.


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