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I was reading Sarah’s blog entry for today and I got really excited.  Like totally out of my skin excited about what Penguin is doing for the launch of Along for the Ride next year.  I am into all things online, if there is a community, wiki, blog or podcast I am totally there.  It’s my new passion. 

So straight from the author’s mouth-

In other news, I promised I would deliver news about Along For the Ride as I got it, and I try to keep my promises. So you are all (en masse) the first to know that my supercool publisher, Penguin Books For Young Readers, is going to create an entire online community based on the new book and my backlist. It’s still in the VERY early planning stages, but the idea is that you could go there to find stuff about the novels, message boards, maybe even an interactive map of all the places mentioned in the Lakeview Universe. When I was in New York last month, they were even talking about a wiki-style thing built around all the places, names and people that appear. As I said, it’s still in the early stages: in fact, they’re still coming up with a name for it. The Sarah Dessen Sisterhood was thrown out, but I think it would just make everyone think of pants. The Sarah Dessen Sorority, another suggestion, didn’t work either. I’m supposed to be brainstorming name ideas, but as I am still suffering from serious mom brain (15 months in!) it’s harder than I’d like. So if any of you have any brilliant suggestions, please pass them along and I will get them to the folks in the know over at Penguin. Link.

In the spirit of reading and my love of words I thought we could brainstorm some names for Sarah. I personally hit up, one of my favourite online haunts. Words are fun people! I am assuming the title requires Sarah’s name so here are my ideas (good and bad):

  • Sarah Dessen Circle – book clubs usually sit in circles, it’s the ever flowing exchange of ideas and knowledge, circle symbolise the ebb and flow of life, they are round lol.
  • Sarah Dessen League – my superhero/comic idea.
  • Sarah Dessen Alliance – a tad too political sounding for my liking but could imply girl power.
  • Sarah Dessen Guild – I was running out of ideas at this point.
  • Sarah Dessen Order – has a nice acronym and that’s about it.
  • Sarah Dessen Sodality – my favourite but probably not suitable in terms of people’s recognition of the word ‘sodality’.

Sodality meaning ‘fellowship, comradeship, an association or society.”

What are your suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Dessen Online Group

  1. bee says:

    Hi! So I am a big Sarah Dessen fan and I stumbled across your blog! I think it’s a great idea.
    Anyway, I noticed you do castings for the characters and I don’t know if you’ve already cast Dexter and Remy, but may I suggest
    Dexter: Adam Brody (you know, dark curly hair, and unbelievably charming)
    Remy: Olivia Wilde (blond, badass)
    just watch this video if you don’t see it

  2. kelsie says:

    are they really making a movie for this book? my cousin is reading this so im going to read this next. I cant wait!

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