This Lullaby – Chapter 11

 Apologies – If I even have any readers left , I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for my neglect of this blog in the last 2 months.  My life has been a little chaotic from work through to my personal life and as such the Diarist took a back seat.  Work is still crazy but I hope to update the blog regularly again and regain some readers faith in me.

Chapter 11

Washing dogs is one of the most disgustingly smelly things one can do.  Even when they are clean-ish they still smell like something horrible.  It’s like when you put washing on the line but it doesn’t dry probably and ends up smelling mildewed.  Both smells repel me, even if the dog is cute as all heck.  But if Dexter loves Monkey so much, why isn’t he washing the dog himself?  A pet means you have to be responsible.  Haven’t we all seen those sitcoms where this very topic is discussed?  My point – wet dogs are gross (as are partially dried by wet clothes).

Chloe is right.  This kind of selfless and somewhat unnecessary act is  girlfriend behaviour.    I don’t know if I would call it stooping though, she’s definitely showing more regard for Dexter than she has with any other guy we’ve heard about.  I love Chloe’s reasoning for  Remy to break up with Dexter pronto

“If you go ahead and break up with him you’d still have a good month’s work of quality single-girl time before you leave for school.”

I am an expert at single and while it’s great to do what you want, when you want and other things like refusing to shave your legs when absolutely necessary or attend only movies you wish to see – Singletown can sometimes be a crappy place to live too.  It’s only people, who don’t have enough independence in their relationships that yearn for more “girl time”, that or you have kids.

I love the idea of the random photo wall.  I think that visually it would be an awesome thing to take in.  Like people watching in still frame.  Gosh I love people watching, malls are my favourite place as you get every personality you can imagine and more.  Better still, public transport.  I have been relegated to taking it of late and in the past week I have seen a dishevelled man recite all the saints to the bus on the top of his lungs, a girl whose intake of breath sounded like a snort and the loudest cell phone talker in the world.  People are interesting; no matter how boring they find themselves.

I find the idea of nudie photos being processed personally abhorrent.  These days people process themselves in photo kiosks but should I ever take one (I feel confident in saying it’s never going to happen), I would never let anyone (let alone photo processors) see it.  Ever.  The thought it could end up in someone else’s possession is mortifying.  I in no way want to end up on the internet like Miley Cyrus or the dark haired annoying girl in HSM.  I feel like the photos could be a story point later on.  Or not. 

Tangerines.  Never had one.  Suddenly feel to need to track one down.

So the band are approached by and A and R chick from Rubber Records.  Ted’s got them a meeting and John’s quick to point out the realities.  Being in a band would be crazy in terms of the hope factor.  The hope, that one day you’ll be discovered.  I just saw The Rocker with Rainn Wilson, it has nothing to do with the novel other than he’s a drummer in a band and I didn’t mind it.  Moving on, Spinnerbait finally gets mentioned and plenty of fan art suddenly makes sense.

 “Hate Spinnerbait”

is catchy.  I gotta give them that.  So am I right in saying that they hate Spinnerbait because they are an average band with tight songs?  And they are Frat boys?  The latter would be enough for me to hate them.  I have seen too much Greek it seems, I always picture Evan Chambers (ABC Family’s Greek) in my head when thinking of douchy Frat boys.


 John Miller is in love with his boss, Scarlett.  Who happens to be the Scarlett from Someone Like You.  I immediately picture Alexandra Holden from How to Deal in my head.  I can’t help it, I find Alexandra absolutely radiant.  I think it’s great she said she would go out with him but I suspect it’s a pity date.  She’s older than he is, she’s a single mother and she’s his boss.  Poor John Miller.  But I am happy for him because he’s happy.  It’s also cute that he has that moment with Remy where he shares his ‘big news’.

The link between Remy and Scarlett is pretty cool.  Scarlett dating Chris is weird to imagine.  Worlds are colliding but I love when Sarah integrates her characters like this.  I almost wish I could take a walk around this town and see how it all fits.  Remy’s wariness for him as he is clearly out of his league.  She’s attaching herself to Dexter’s friends.  She is getting deeper.  When will she realise and freak?

The possibility of a record deal working out and Dexter having to tour brings the first realisation that it could be him that leaves her.  She’s so close to flipping out, I can feel it.  Remy needs control, leaving is her job and she’s not going to let him walk away from her.  That would make her weak.  In her mind at least.

On the night the record chick is swinging by, the band is stressing out and John is chatting up Scarlett.  This really isn’t going to be a good night, the vibes are off.  The fact that the band is using words like potato and derivative in the same discussion kinda of scares me.  I like that Remy is supportive with a level of truthfulness.  She’s not smoothing things over necessarily, rather being there to try and calm him in his time of need.  I really enjoyed seeing Dexter getting unnerved in their performance, tugging at his collar.  It’s good to see that there is something that can rattle him thereby making him fallible. 

The Lullaby cover was gut wrenching.

“I felt a drop in my stomach: he knew how I felt about this.  He knew.  And still, he kept singing.”

Dexter has severely dropped in my estimation.  This was an intensely personal song for her and he used it to rescue his band out of a bad situation of their own making.  Yes, he did shake his head initially at his band mates but he continued.  He knew better.  He knew it was wrong and he still did it.  Deliberate cruelty in the face of his own possible success.  Maybe cruelty is too intense of a word but it was brutal. 

If anything it’s this moment that made me appreciate Chloe.  Chloe, the selfish and materialistic friend, was fiercely protective of Remy.  She’s a good friend.  Her snarkiness may not have been helping Remy out but I cannot help but feel I would have made the same remark.  Remy didn’t need a reminder that him choosing to play that song was a crappy move when he knew the depth of her hurt attached to it.  Her decision to stay in the bar is probably the most interesting.  Most people’s instinct would be to flee, Remy dug her heels in and listened to the rest of the set.  Impressive.

What annoys me more is that Remy isn’t the first person he attempts to speak to.  That the thought of apologising (and perhaps some begging) wasn’t his first order of business upon leaving the stage befuddles me.  At this point, had it been me, I would have been a towering volcano of simmering rage.  Then Dexter does make some motions towards Remy, trying to establish eye contact and is failing miserably.  Admittedly the timing isn’t great and this is a big moment for him but I still think it’s extremely sucky of him.

I love that Scarlett tries to make an inconspicuous run for it but John’s unencumbered enthusiasm to see her, draws her back into the club. I am feeling for Scarlett when the guy that likes you is an absolute darling but there is a dearth of sparkage.  But then again it’s not the worst situation a person can find themselves in.  John might argue with me on that point though.

The conversation between Scarlett and Remy seems to be quite superficial.  The kind of conversation you have with people you know to a little degree where you cover the bases of work and relationships.  Remy decides she has correctly surmised Scarlett’s lack of interest in John and Scarlett tells Remy that Dexter is ‘sweet’.  Not at the moment he isn’t.  Ted’s comment to the girls about Dexter being in Remy’s pants within the hour was crass and deserved a good elbow to the guts.    Even worse, Ted’s little spouting turns into a summary of Dexter’s pattern of behaviour in all the towns they play.  Remy is apparently one of many girls.  The explosion I have been anticipating has to be percolating. 

Now I don’t think I believe Ted.  I think he’s cheesed off with the band and Dexter and lashed out by making grandiose claims.  But Remy in her current state would be more willing to accept it as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Reacting the lovely morsel of information Ted dropped on her, Remy tries to regain some footing and self-esteem by talking about Dexter like one of her other guys.  She knows that he isn’t anything like the other guys but a girl has her pride.  She’s been hurt twice now tonight and she needs to look less fragile and beaten down to her girlfriends.  There is mention of Scarlett’s expression changing as she spots something in the crowd behind Remy and I cannot help but think that Dexter overheard Remy’s little cathartic rant.  Oh boy.

Just when I think things couldn’t gurgle down the drain anymore, Remy approaches Jonathon.  Jonathon, the sucktastic ex-boyfriend.  She realises then that maybe she made a step up with her relationship with Dexter, that her previous choices weren’t all that.  If Dexter has overheard the rant and then spotted the quick interchange with these two, I would guess he’d assume the worst.  Communicate, people.  Communication is the key.

Nailing Dexter with the Zip-Cola was freaking awesome.  I wish I had a great arm like that.  Kudos to him for approaching her … five years after the fact.  I am kidding but it did feel like he left it too long and he should have realised the necessity in talking about his choice of song.  The girls in every town aspect might need to be explained but Remy isn’t a paragon of virtue either and really doesn’t have a huge basis to be judgemental.  She does have the right to question him about their status and their future.  But these are elements she has steadfastly avoided as this relationship to her has a limited shelf life. 

Note to Dexter, don’t start a conversation with a girl by shouting at them (even if they have thrown soda at you).  I got annoyed that he was annoyed that she left.  She had stuck around for a fair time after the set and he didn’t approach her.  Not cool.  When you hear his perspective of the night it makes her sound like a promiscuous head case with jealousy issues.  But really I think she had reason the ‘freak’ about the song and I think he knew it too.  It might not have been about his playing the song but more about his use of the song knowing it was touchy for her.   

“Ted….What else did Ted say?”

That one line made me feel that Dexter and Ted have ongoing issues.  Or should I say Ted has ongoing issues with Dexter that he vents in ways that really hinder Dexter.  I don’t think this is the first time that Ted has actively tried to sabotage Dexter.  I truly believe that Ted’s spiel to Remy about Dexter’s girls was a big pile of steaming poo.

“I heard you, you know?”

As soon as I read that I knew what he meant and my heart sunk.  Her need to reassert herself had really hurt him, deeply.  Not only that but it turns out that some of Remy’s comments may have struck some already sensitive spots that his mother had created with jabs about his worthiness.  Poor guy.  He really likes her, he’s made some dubious choices tonight but she really hurt him.

The Ted Curve.  I was right, Ted is a douche.

“What are you afraid of?

He asks her and my heart melts a little.  Oh Dexter.

“Is it that bad that you might actually really like me?”

I find it so curious that a guy who was so upfront about coming forward to Remy has all these doubts.  In some way he acknowledges that she’s out of his league but he begrudges her for thinking it too.  He doesn’t care so much though as he thinks they should be together.  It’s flawed but perfect.  Both have seen where relationships can go, the darker side of their mothers multiple husbands.  Dexter’s willing to chance it.  Remy’s not.  I don’t see this working.   Dexter uses  love as a reason to chance it.  That there is a reason for all the songs, it’s worth it. 

“They’re just songs, Dexter.  They don’t mean anything.”

Well if that is true, why does she continue to buckle against her father’s song?  I think Dexter identified the hypocrisy of her statement in light of her reaction in the club.  I thought his defence of using This Lullaby was pretty poor.  He had enough time to come up with something convincing.  It didn’t matter that the boys arranged and played it not knowing it’s meaning to her.  He’s failing to realise his role in it.  She didn’t care about Ted or John, she cared that he played it.

Are they done?  The kiss on the forehead was that goodbye?  Sigh.  Darn.



A Note from Adele

I am a bad, bad girl who is rapping her knuckles with a ruler!

Thanks to those people who have followed me to my other podcasting projects (Fringe Dwellers, Three Chicks and a Mic).  Glad you are enjoying it as much I do.  If you have any suggestions for topics for the latter, send them in.

It’s been lovely to receive some emails this week brimming with enthusiasm and kudos.  Turns out that Ari and Chelsea were my figurative boots up the backside.  Thank you so much girls!

Just got some great news that I am moving out of administration and back into a teaching/admin role in the 2009 school year (starting in February here in Oz).  What am I teaching?  Grade 8 English.  I have never gotten to teach this before and I am so excited.  If you have some novels that you enjoy reading that I might like to use for a class study, tell me about them! 

Thanks to Sarah.  She very gracious accepting my apologies for posting delays a few weeks back.  I hate to think I disappointed her or the readers and for that I am extremely sorry.

This Lullaby casting?  I am stalling, anyone got some ideas for Dexter, Remy, Chloe, etc.

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2 thoughts on “This Lullaby – Chapter 11

  1. YoungMomma says:

    I’m so glad your back and well!!!! Excited! 🙂

    Can I say that I was out – in public – with my non-reading friends the other day and we were talking about South Park. I said “Hate South Park” and started cracking up, because in my head I heard “Hate Spinnerbait” and I was the only one who got the joke. ~sigh~ lonely nerdy book worm me.

    Love the icon, may want to steal it. 😉

  2. YoungMomma says:

    Oh – PS: If you love the character connection, wait until you get to Just Listen. LOVED it and the connections. Yay! 🙂

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