Along for the Ride Cover

Sarah posted the cover for her book, Along for the Ride, to be released in 2009 on her blog.  Seeing this artwork just made it more real that there is another Dessen book in the pipeline and I am very excited.  I know it’s been circulating for a few days though but here are my thoughts.

Why I am enchanted with the cover…

1)  New York Times Best Selling Author prefaces the glorious name of our favourite author.  Just plain     awesome.

2) It’s not completely pink.  Sarah’s name is as it the female characters dress but it’s not completely pink.  Sometimes I feel YA publications that are more girl-centric use pink as a crutch.

3) The guy character/model isn’t wearing skinny jeans.  I won’t go into it but I like the sight of a guy in normal jeans.

4) The presence of the bike makes it fun and a little sassy (probably because of the chrome).  The sharing of the bike is interesting too as the characters are facing one another but sitting on an object that can only go one way.   Also she’s the one with her feet on the pedals, does that mean she’s the force?  The guy character is as close to sitting in the driver’s seat but has his feet planted.  Curious and curiouser.

5)  Body language.  He is leaning into her slightly with the girl slightly reclined.  Does this indicate that he’ll be chasing her?

6) The toe.  It’s the first thing I looked at.  It’s like her toe is flirting with him.  Like I said, sassy!

7) It’s a Sarah Dessen novel.

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6 thoughts on “Along for the Ride Cover

  1. colbia says:

    I like the cover!

  2. Alexwebmaster says:

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  3. alexis says:

    wow. does anyone know the exact date along for the ride is cominng out??? thanx.

  4. danielle says:

    June 16th

  5. brook williams says:

    hey i like it so

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