This Lullaby Fans/Casting Time!!!

Since beginning this blog I have been amazed.  The number of Sarah Dessen fans regularly hitting this site is fantastic – you are all lovely, passionate people.  Sarah is a very lucky author to have such a fantastic reader base, I think it is actually a reflection of her.  You cannot be such a quality person writing wonderful pieces of literature and not accumalate such a wonderful group of supporters. 

Some are more vocal than others.  Here are some of the newest youtube/book report finds-

Hannah’s Book Report on This Lullaby

My dream come true.  I laughed when I saw this one as there is a Jonas brothe cast as Dexter.

Namine recorded a version of what she thinks the lullaby actually sounds like.  Brave girl.  (Has anyone else got any theories about this wildly popular song that dominates the core of the book?)

I am about to start the faux casting process (as I did with Lock and Key) for the This Lullaby screen project.  Who do you think should play the main characters?  Leave a comment or email me.  I will post one a day until I am done …and yes Remy will be the last.

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