This Lullaby – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

What is the difference between a  duvet and a comforter?  I call them quilts.  I am confusing myself.  Courtesy of

Comforter – a quilt

Duvet – a usually down-filled quilt, often with a removable cover; comforter

Still not any clearer.  Seems that Remy has a different definition but it’s floating in the same area of meaning.  Lissa’s college room mate sounds like one of those girly freaks that would scare me with their enthusiasm and incessant smiles.  Sigh.  Poor, poor Lissa.

I love that the notion of buying a flatware set for Dexter.  It screams out to Remy that she may be in over her head.  That maybe it’s time for her to pull back on the reins.  Who knew that cutlery could contain that much power over someone’s life?  I love that she was relating herself to the –

“Psycho desperate-to-get-married-and-pop-out-babies types.”

We all know them and they are a little scary.  But colour me impressed by Sarah’s use of the hyphen, my favourite punctuating friend.  I adore the idea of Remy pushing a cart around the store muttering to herself about flatware.  It sounds like something I would do.

It’s interesting that the little things, the inane, are the things that make you define the relationship.  Seeing yourself clearly in the mix and how invested you really are.  In this case it’s a brightly coloured fork.  When you think of a fork it has many prongs, just like Remy.  Dexter is more of a spoon, gentle and rounded ready to dip in. 

I love that once Dexter is close to discovering her secret present, his first guess is tampons.  This gave me the giggles.  Boys are stupid.  Upon discovering the flatware he trails off into a segue that she loves him.  He’s obviously not afraid of scaring her off, in fact he is remarkably confident that they are meant to be together.  That first meeting, he really meant what he said to her about them meaning to be together.  Such conviction is admirable and a little daunting.  And enough to scare her off.

“I stood there in the front yard, at the bottom of the stairs, feeling for the first time in a long while that things were completely out of my control.  How had I let this happen?”

You don’t let it happen, it just does.  That’s life. 

Remy’s mother delves into some sort of writer’s coma, which sounds less fun than it is.  I hear about Ensure cans but I have no idea what they contain.  It sounds like a cleaning product but I doubt anyone can go through that much and then leave them scattered around the house.  Maybe gum?

No offence to Remy’s mum but her writing doesn’t do anything for me.  Millions of people probably sigh all over her work but those storylines annoy me.  I like the girl falls for guy next door situations or anything resembling the Pacey/Joey storyline from Dawson’s Creek.  Or the Ben/Felicity storyline, before he inexplicably cheated on her in the final four eps.  Okay I have dredged up enough pop culture for one day.  But seriously, Scott Speedman (Ben) was …lovely, even with his weird lispy thing.

Remy and her mother discuss her book issues, Dexter and an expected engagement between Chris and Jennifer Anne.  I think Remy’s mother is more insightful than her daughter gives her credit for.

Remy’s lessons on operating the washing machine were hilarious to me.  As a RA in my uni years I taught many clueless males how to wash clothing and iron.  The perplexed looks on their faces were hysterical and yet not enough for me to do it for them.  So many mother’s have so much explaining to do.  Pink shirts were something I was very used to seeing on my floor.

Bills not being paid.  Lights out.  Not great.  I can completely understand why she is wary of this guy and his lifestyle.  I would always be wondering when he was going to man up and take some responsibility.  The interaction between the band with the confusion of who was actually supposed to pay was amusing.  I like bickering, it is weirdly soothing and amusing at the same time.

I enjoyed Dexter’s confession that his attraction and draw to her was based on her confidence.  Not because she’s a “bitch”, but because Remy is okay within herself.  She’s a self sufficient lass with a bs radar built for strength.  The trading of reasons for liking one another was cute but I love the fact that he acknowledged that she can’t rationalise why she likes him, she just does.


A Note from Adele

Big apologies again but there was the move and then I lost my voice.  I then I felt the need to vomit…a lot.  Enough of the gory details but I am back, my people.

I have already posted something about the big news revealed on Sarah Dessen’s blog which excites me no end.  I can’t wait to see the cover work because the premise excites me.

Listening to…Jason Mraz.  Laid back and lovely.

Watching…Mad Men and utterly addicted to its brilliance.  Also loved 90210, my long winded play-by-play review can be found here.

Reading…nothing but Sarah Dessen’s This Lullaby when I have the time.

Podcast News – I have created a voicemail account for my podcast.  This means that, should you live in the States, you can ring in and leave a message and I will play in during the podcast.  Let’s get interactive! Call   206 203 1802  









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2 thoughts on “This Lullaby – Chapter 10

  1. Arra says:

    Hi! Thanks for posting. 🙂 Ensure is basically, almost a small can of milk filled with protein and nutrients. They are usually called “Ensure Shakes.”

  2. Marsha says:

    Ensure is a nutritional/supplemental shake for when you’re on the run and can’t have anything nutritious to eat. It’s not milk, but it does have a milkshake like viscosity. They’re not bad tasting, but I definitely wouldn’t be able to drink them all day. I don’t remember how Remy defined it, but I always thought duvets were the covers for quilts/comforters. Like, you would stick the comforter into the duvet through an opening at the bottom.

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