This Lullaby – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Whatever Remy’s mother is planning for a traditional barbeque sounds unappetising to my simple tastes.  Sundried tomatoes have their place, just not necessarily at a bbq.  Shopping with Dexter would be like a punishment.  Loud, crazy and childlike – all things I do my best to avoid in shopping centres (or malls, as you Americans call them).

I disagree that scrambled eggs are a default cooking setting in humans, I had to be shown how to make them.  Embarrassing?  Yes.  But nevertheless, proof that not everyone can cook.  That being said, I am totally impressed that her mother can make Eggs Benedict which is my favourite breakfast ever.  It combines my love of eggs and English muffins in one beautiful, joyful carbohydrate mouthful of bliss.  Damn Dexter for being repelled by the muffin, he’s missing out on gastronomic heaven.  To parrot Remy –

“You mean to tell me that you can eat an entire mayonnaise in one sitting but find English muffins, which is basically just bread, to be disgusting?”

I don’t get his rationale either.  But I reject sultanas on the basis that they are squishy and banana because they smell atrocious.  We all have our quirks.

I am a self-confessed picky eater and should I attend this fictional bbq, I would have been very hungry.  Most of the ingredients I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.  I know I am portraying myself as a ‘meat and three veg ‘chick but I really have broad food tastes, it just doesn’t include the items going into Remy’s shopping trolley.

It is adorable that Dexter knows that Remy only bites her lip when she’s about to go into “super obsessive, what-if mode”.  He’s obviously been studying up on Remy and fittingly named her current mode – “ice queen”.  Better still is his ability to break her out of her worried state and just be herself without a function. 

“I hate you.”

“Not true.  Never true.”

Dexter is quite possibly the most confident individual I have read in literature in a while.  And not bothersome confidence either but plain old, self-possessed confidence.  I like it.

I have mentioned previously that my father cannot barbecue and hearing Chris’ exploits was like a flashback to my childhood.  Except we would never have had Brazilian beef as he would never be trusted to cook them properly.  I like that this barbecue has reintroduced characters that have been sprinkled throughout the pages so far.  Patti is a weird one, something isn’t right there but I am not sure what.  Jennifer Anne turns out to be in damage control mood with Remy and they make an unspoken truce.  They are both trying hard to make everything right.  I once heard that what we usually hate the most in others is what we hate the most about ourselves.  That the reflection of our own flaws allows us to vent.  Jennifer Anne and Remy are both controllers but they are also the saviours of the entire event.  Sometimes being anal can be beneficial for all.

Chris’ fascination with the barbecue and the ‘convection’ was hilarious and so true.  I have seen some  male friends of mine get whipped into a delusional and dazed state by salesmen selling barbecues, lawn mowers and big screen tv’s.  Resistance is futile.

Dexter makes an effort with his appearance and a gift for his first meet and greet with the parentals.  It would be intimidating going to a barbecue where there are many new faces but he seems to take it in his stride.  Bringing Monkey was a curious decision; he really should have left the mutt at home.  Don also brings up a little of Dexter’s past.  Turns out that our favourite flake was majoring in business at UVA.  Hmmm.  It’s interesting that this one interaction fires up the protective instincts in Remy and perhaps tells her that she cares more about him than she consciously thinks. 

Back at the little yellow house, Dexter shocks Remy when he starts strumming ‘This Lullaby’.  Her reaction is expected but I find it curious that she is equally repelled and slavishly devoted to that song.  Surprisingly she is remarkably upfront with him about that song and I am reminded of her friend’s comment that she’s ‘a goner’.  She is currently the antithesis of herself in a relationship.  Of course she hadn’t told him the whole deal but he knows the song has tremendous meaning.  A blind, mute man would know that. 

In a chapter of shared vulnerability they begin to merge.  I wonder how long it will be before she realises this and pulls the rip cord. 


A Note from Adele

Yes it has been awhile but I moved into a new place and all the related stress throw me off course for a few days.

Listening to…Adele (British singer who’s got great lyrics) I personally am loving ‘Cold Shoulder’, ‘Chasing Pavements’ and ‘Not Drunk Enough’.

Reading…just finished Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Rachel Cohn & David Levinthan) which improved as I was reading.  The whole premise of a night of mixed understandings, self awareness and new friends was great fun.  I love novels that have two perspectives written by different authors.  Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight (Nick Earls & Rebecca Sparrow) is a better example of this technique though.

WatchingSkins, another UK production which is much more graphic, honest and moving in their depictions of teens that I have seen on television.  Also weird to see the kid from About a Boy as a tall, good looking lad about town!

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