This Lullaby – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Blind dates are horrible…or so I have heard.  I have refused to go on every one that has ever been suggested to me as I don’t want to expose myself to that kind of horror.  The only blind date I would even consider is with a guy that was actually blind.  I am completely supportive of Remy’s avoidance of this suggestion by the big earring bedecked Lola. I also don’t think that the presence of a fine set of hands is enough to sell me on a guy.

I love the whole passage about college and Remy’s motivations for successful entry to Stanford.  Turns out that as a freshman Remy was a bit of a loser and her teachers saw her fast tracking it to nowhere-ville.  This was Remy’s motivation.  People’s poor expectations of her spurned her on to academic success and eventual escape from her mother.  Her work life helped to financial support the tutoring and the prospective college costs.  Her father’s lawyer ensured that money accrued from the royalties from ‘This Lullaby’ was tucked away safety for her and Chris.  So if her father did anything for her at all, he left her well provided for. 

So far this chapter seems a little disjointed but having read a few Sarah Dessen books has made me realise that it is probably for a reason.  Remy then receives an envelope containing three photographs of an elderly couple.  I don’t know what this means either but I am guessing it has something to do with Dexter.  It’s too mysterious to be from anyone else we have met.   Side note – Lola should not be dying anyone’s hair…ever.

Three alarms?  Chris requires three alarms to be awake for work.  I have never quite figured out how people can sleep through alarms despite the fact I have seen my brother do it numerous times.  If anything, my body is attuned to some undetectable frequency will wake me up a second or two before the blaring sound my small alarm clock produces. 

Dexter announces his presence by smacking a picture of the elderly couple onto the windscreen.  Mysterious and still a mite annoying.  He manages to manipulate her into giving him a lift so she must be more subconsciously aware of him than she thinks. 

“What was it about this guy?  Resistance was futile.  Or maybe I just got too tired or hot to pursue another argument.”

Or maybe he makes her melt.

Dexter tests her bluntness, her car rules and even her last nerve but she still doesn’t turf him out of the car.  Then he tests her by putting a gressy fry on her gear shift console and I swear I would have booted him in the head.  He justifies his actions as it being in ‘the interest of science’.  In a way he is, he’s testing her need for control and orderliness.  I know he’s unpredictable and kooky but I am still not sold on Dexter.  I am assuming this is a character that grows on you or there is some major occurence that changes everything.  At the moment though, I am just not feeling it. 

I am a little amazed that she is interested in him enough that she stays to see the plotted breakage of the window.  At least she intervenes here.  I am kind of reminded of two monkeys with Dexter and Ringo – neither of them really having much of a clue.  Turns out that our little Remy has a history of breaking into houses with a credit card.  Is this even possible?  In theory I am guessing it works but deosn’t that nobbly thing usually go right into the socket on the door hinge?  (Please tell me that made some kind of sense.)  We see another interesting dog make an appearance, by another I am referring to the anxious but oh so loveable Roscoe in Lock ad Key.  Monkey sounds like he might be just as heart warming.

Remy leaves Dexter’s house, hearing his words in her ears –

“You’re a bad ass, Miss Remy.  But you’re intrigued now.  You’ll be back.”

Personally I agree with him, she’ll be back.  But I don’t know why because he hasn’t really intrigued me all that much as this stage.  Is anyone disowning me yet?


A Note from Adele

I received a lovely email from Melissa Walker yesterday about writing.  You see I would like the take the leap and write a book but I have been a little chicken.  Melissa has been wonderfully encouraging and I cannot thank her enough.  They raise them well in Chapel Hill, NC.

You’re Awesome – thank you for your ‘awesome’ comment.  Tee hee.

I now have seven iTunes reviews.  Thank you.  Three to go 🙂

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One thought on “This Lullaby – Chapter 5

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve just made the connection from Lock & Key that Barbara Starr, Remy’s mom, is in Lock & Key at the post-Christmas, pre-New Year holiday open house that Jamie and Cora had.

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