Second Novel – This Lullaby


My next novel will be This Lullaby, as decided by you and Sarah Dessen herself.  I have not read this novel so you will be hearing my honest to goodness reactions and predictions as I go.  I am a little too eager and a little wary due to the gushing praise I have heard for the book and for Dexter.  I will either be a gusher before long or the hype will seep into my bones and sharpen my nasty bone (don’t get me started on Breaking Dawn).

What have I heard about This Lullaby?

  • It was a finalist for Sarah Dessen in the LA Times Book Prize in the YA Division in 2003.
  • Sarah Dessen acknowledges she’s partial to this one.
  • According to this article, This Lullaby was optioned for development by New Line Cinema – I wonder if there is a script in the rounds of Hollywood?
  • Nice little article about the growth of Sarah’s career and why reader’s relate to her protagonists.
  • A proper inteview by a fan (now I am feeling like a spazz) about This Lullaby and Sarah in general.

Okay now I am putting some responsibility back on you.  Read This Lullaby with me and post your reactions too, questions you have for me, predictions of moments I might gel with.  The new podcast will not be recorded until I have written responses to three chapters.  Make sure you suggest a song for the intro cue, poor old Ben Lee is getting retired for now.  Any suggestions?

Internet Trawling – Here are some bits and pieces I found on youtube.  They obviously mean next to nothing to me at the moment but I hopefully an image, a comment or a song may strike a chord with you.

This is my favourite –

This Lullaby – A Sock Puppet Presentation

This Lullaby – With an animation spin


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3 thoughts on “Second Novel – This Lullaby

  1. emma says:

    I just finished this Lullaby today 😦 I was hoping I could hold out–wait just a few days until you started so I’d be in time with you, but the book was just sitting there, taunting me from my coffee table and I really just couldn’t help myself. I’ve compromised my failure by deciding to reread along with you (I swear!) . I know, I know it’s not the same, but I really did try holding out.
    My sister however is reading it for the first time too, so if I can just get her to hang on until the blogging and podcasts begin, I’ll be able to contribute a first time reader anyway.
    I will faithfully be commenting and replying, contributing my own insights to every post. My computer is currently in the shop (damn viruses) so I’ve commandeered my mom’s laptop, since she never uses it except to browse property websites in the search to find her perfect home. (She says she can do that just as well on my dads computer and that gives him less time to play poker online) Anyways, all this to say that my mom doesn’t have Itunes so watching the podcast is a no,no until my laptop is home safe again.
    And that having been said, I have no idea for an intro song, and even though I’m sure someone more useful in that field will come up with something brilliant, I will keep thinking.
    That first video is my favorite too, and after Sarah posted it in her own blog I’ve listened to it at least once a day. Great song, lovely photography and some pretty great quotes.
    And lastly in this incredibly long comment, Breaking Dawn really was a disappointment, wasn’t it? Hyped up to a height it just couldn’t live up to. I’m not sure who I feel worse for, the fans or Stephanie Meyer.
    Anyways, can’t wait for This Lullaby to begin.

  2. Young Momma says:

    So excited!! I’ve read it already and I’m reading a ton of other books, but I’ll read that slowly again in between it all so I’m right with you!! Yay for This Lullaby!

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