Lock and Key – Your Responses

Thanks to everyone for contributing their thoughts about Lock and Key to this blog.  Your answers were read on the podcast now available.  If you would like to hear which text I have chosen to cover next, check out the podcast!



1. Definitely, Cora. I’m the oldest and I wish I could be more like her to my younger sister. Strong and ready to fight for what is right.

2. When Ruby gives Nate the key to her house at the airport. It’s like she is telling him he will always have a place called home.

3. I’d ask her about Nate but I’m not sure how. He’s different from other Sarah Dessen’s male characters (I’m thinking about Wes from The truth about forever or Owen from Just Listen). He gives good advice to Ruby, but I felt that in the end, he needed her more. Any ideas?

4. This Lullaby!! It was my first Sarah Dessen book.

Suggested Music – The new intro music of the podcast should be ‘Thank you’ by Led Zeppelin. Those of you who have read Just Listen will know why.



1. Nate. Or Jamie. So hard to choose!
2. Her trying to run away. When she first met Nate
3. I’d ask her if she lets the characters play themselves out or if she has them all pre planned.
4. Can I vote… again? lol! This Lullaby, This Lullaby!



1. Jamie, he was just great all around.
2. Favorite moment? Don’t think I have an answer to this. Would have to think on it.
3. I think I’d ask her, even though it’s not a particular Lock and Key question, if her characters are pre-planned to the detail or if they develop along the way.
Like Jamie’s easygoing manner, all his family traditions and how they would be key in bringing Ruby around. I could give more examples but this might get long so I’ll leave it at that.
4. Haven’t read This Lullaby, but I’ll be getting it in the next two days so reading the book along with you would be fun, but I’ll admit Just Listen is my favorite.



1. My favorite character was definitely Cora.
2. My favorite moment had to be Ruby and Cora together in Ruby’s closet.
3. If I could ask Sarah any question, I’d ask how Cora had developed in her mind.
4. Adele should definitely tackle Keeping The Moon next. I can never really choose favorites for Sarah’s books, but I think that one has an edge over Dreamland and This Lullaby for me.



I’m 13 from the U.S. and love to write screenplays from books. 

1. Ruby is my favorite character because I can relate to her from personal experiences in my life mostly mom related.

2.  My favorite moment in the book is the pool scene between Ruby and Nate because I love romance scenes between characters in Sarah’s books because you are like finally they kiss.

3.  If I could ask Sarah anything it would be just would you let me write Lock and Key into a movie or screenplay. I love this book so much I want it into a movie and also to play Ruby.lol.

4.  Lastly I think you should for your next book by Sarah read The Truth About Forever. It is such a good about grieving after someone dies and that you can get over them with help from people who you wouldn’t think would be possible.

Casting Suggestions – I wanted to tell you who I thought would be a good Nate if someone where to do a movie of Lock and Key. My pick is the hottie Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. I chose him mostly because in the couple episodes of Gossip Girl his father in the show abuses drugs and Nate in the show has to deal with it and also has two fights with him also. But another reason is just because he looks so good with his shirt off.lol. In my first email I forgot to say my name which is Victoria. I’m 13 from the U.S. and love to write screenplays from books.

Love your podcast.




1. Nate. He is a people pleaser. He will do anything for anyone, and I love that about him. I see so much of myself in him. I always have the need to do everything for everyone and although I feel as though I break faster than Nate, I can understand why he runs.

2. Cora and Ruby in the closet. LOVED that moment. It was such a great scene showing their bond that really didn’t seem to exist before.

3. Does she write or think about what happens in a life after her books when it comes to her characters? Does she ever have a definite idea of what happens after the last page?

4. The Truth About Forever!! It’s my favorite.


InfiniteSkies just asked a question –

Personally I’d love to know what happened after Ruby’s mom got out of rehab (well..the optimist in me is hoping she gets out).



1. Jamie, because he is so easygoing and happy-go-lucky. He’s the kind of person that everyone should have in their life, or at least try to emulate.

2. I honestly don’t know. Maybe when Jamie takes Ruby out to buy a goldfish. (?) I’d have to re-read the book to answer this question.

3. Why do you make so many cameo appearances of other characters? (Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely LOVE the cameo appearances. It’s one of my favorite things in all of her books.)

4. The Truth About Forever or This Lullaby.




1. Cora – I relate to her the most.  She is the elder sister, the protector, the worrier.  And yet she is infinitely caring and maternal, hence Jamie falling instantaneously in love with her.  I admire her determination and tenacity and most of all, the need to reunite with her sister.

2.  Jamie and Ruby when she defends his claim that he’s a sucker.  It shows that they have  both adopted one another into their hearts, they are protective and proud of one another.  I think it’s the first time that Ruby’s been accepted wholeheartedly by someone not from her immediate family.

3.  I really wanted to asked all the questions that I wrote, sure I could have been annoying and asked questions about how Sarah felt about my blog, my responses whatever but I am infinitely more interested in her.  The Roscoe question regarding with neurosis was a fun one.

4.  I had no idea, I was allowing the readers to choose.  It turned out to be easier than expected when the overwhelming majority agreed with Sarah’s choice.  I am awfully partial to Just Listen though.



**I would quickly like to thank the authors who have dropped by the blog, written comments or joined my Twitter, in particular Melissa Walker.  She is the author behind the Violet series and a sweetheart who took the time to comment and respond to my email.  I am a cynical being but the openness of authors like Sarah and Melissa just blows my mind and makes me even more appreciative of their work.

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2 thoughts on “Lock and Key – Your Responses

  1. emma says:

    okay so, if you’re doing This Lullaby next, definitely do Just Listen after that 🙂

  2. jude_lost says:

    Just Listen, yay! You are gonna love it. When Dexter and Remy meet for the first time is so sweet. Just wait and see.
    Can you believe that Sarah Dessen suggested ‘THANK YOU’ like I did?

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