Lock and Key Reflection – Your turn…

My goal is to record a podcast wrapping up my observations of the novel and for me to share yours as well.  Please think about answering the following questions via email or in the comments section.  I will read them in the final podcast episode for Lock and Key along with Sarah’s responses to my interview questions.  The more the merrier!
1. Your favourite character. Why?
2. Your favourite moment.  Why?
3. If you could ask Sarah Dessen anything about this book, what would it be?
4. Which book should Adele tackle next?

I am going to change up the intro music of the podcast too, so if you have a suggestion remember to write in.

In this podcast episode I shall also reveal which book I will be tackling next.  So far This Lullaby, Someone Like You and Just Listen are neck and neck.

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4 thoughts on “Lock and Key Reflection – Your turn…

  1. megan says:

    1. My favorite character was definitely Cora.
    2. My favorite moment had to be Ruby and Cora together in Ruby’s closet.
    3. If I could ask Sarah any question, I’d ask how Cora had developed in her mind.
    4. Adele should definitely tackle Keeping The Moon next. I can never really choose favorites for Sarah’s books, but I think that one has an edge over Dreamland and This Lullaby for me.

  2. emma says:

    1. Jamie, he was just great all around.
    2. Favorite moment? Don’t think I have an answer to this. Would have to think on it.
    3. I think I’d ask her, even though it’s not a particular Lock and Key question, if her characters are pre-planned to the detail or if they develop along the way.
    Like Jamie’s easygoing manner, all his family traditions and how they would be key in bringing Ruby around. I could give more examples but this might get long so I’ll leave it at that.
    4. Haven’t read This Lullaby, but I’ll be getting it in the next two days so reading the book along with you would be fun, but i’ll admit Just Listen is my favorite. Either one would be fun.

  3. YoungMomma says:

    1. Nate. Or Jamie. So hard to choose!
    2. Her trying to run away. When she first met Nate
    3. I’d ask her if she lets the characters play themselves out or if she has them all pre planned.
    4. Can I vote… again? lol! This Lullaby, This Lullaby!

  4. jude_lost says:

    1. Definitely, Cora. I’m the oldest and I wish I could be more like her to my younger sister. Strong and ready to fight for what is right.

    2. When Ruby gives Nate the key to her house at the airport. It’s like she is telling him he will always have a place called home.

    3. I’d ask her about Nate but I’m not sure how. He’s different from other Sarah Dessen’s male carachters (I’m thinking about Wes from The truth about forever or Owen from Just Listen). He gives good advice to Ruby, but I felt that in the end, he needed her more. Any ideas???

    4. This lullaby!! It was my first Sarah Dessen book.

    BTW, The new intro music of the podcast should be ‘Thank you’ by Led Zeppelin. Those of you who have read Just listen will know why.

    And to Adele, congratulations on you podcast from a devoted listener from Spain.

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