Lock and Key – Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Two chapters from the end, I am feeling a little sad knowing that this little blog series is coming to an end but excited to see the conclusion.  Ruby manages to talk Nate into the apartment and then back to her home where Cora is waiting.  Cora, having accumulated significant expertise in dealing with child welfare issues knows exactly what to do.  We also get a glimpse at why Blake Cross approached Jamie instead of her for loans when she hustles him off with the promise that he will face police time should Nate make a complaint to the police.  I thought in child’s cases that the state could press charges on the parent?

Apparently having moved in with his father upon being unceremoniously handballed on by his mother, Nate found that in the beginning the anger and abuse was infrequent.  Upon the formation of Rest Assured everything became too stressful and the whipping boy was literally Nate.  Interesting for me was Nate’s intention to stick it out but the final beating made him decide enough was enough.  Was that just him or had Ruby had an influence upon him? 

It seems somewhat horrid that in making the necessary break from his father that he would have to leave all he knew to live with a mother who didn’t want him.  Maybe Ruby was right and she might have had a change of heart.  He would go to Arizona, take up his lifeguarding position and attend the U in the autumn.  He stayed with Cora and Jamie with Ruby fearful every day that he wouldn’t be there upon her return.  The shoe being on the other foot, Ruby realises why Cora and Jamie were so freaked out the night she returned from the woods.  For Cora that night almost confirmed her fears that her sister would leave her. 

When Nate was leaving the Hunter household I really felt the closeness of the family.  Cora’s tears, Jamie’s inclusion of him into the family and Ruby’s pangs for their separation.  I loved Ruby’s advice and it demonstrated how she has come full circle in a completely organic way.

“…Don’t decide to pack it in the first night, or jump any fences.  Give it a few days.”

I loved their humorous interchange about their first meeting. 

I particularly liked their farewell scene at the airport.  I thought it was very representative of them as individuals, they are not the gushy types or even the wordy types.  The exchange of the yellow house key from Ruby to Nate said much more than words ever could.  I felt that moment.  The kiss sealed the moment in a beautiful way. 

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2 thoughts on “Lock and Key – Chapter 19

  1. jude_lost says:

    Hey! I was re-listening (is that even a word?) your Lock & Key podcasts and you said that Ruby gives the yellow house key to Nate, but I’m pretty sure she gives him the key to Cora & Jaime’s house. In the final chapter, Ruby throws out the yellow house key. I made the same mistake when I was reading the book. I think a lot of people had the same problem. Even Sarah Dessen said something in her journal about how confusing it was. That is why I always read Sarah Dessen’s books twice…. or more.

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