Lock and Key – Chapter 18

Chapter 18

I love that Jamie voluntarily loaned Ruby his Audi for good luck.  Even better, his question about her being Zen implies she speaks to him quite a lot about what is going on in her life or at least enough to laugh about Gervais’ study theories.  She really has encompassed him fully into her life, rewarding him for his openness, accepting nature and beautiful heart. 

Jamie sounding curt?  I cannot imagine it for some reason.  For so long we have heard how friendly he is, so I knew it could only be one of two people on the other end of the line – her mom or Nate’s dad.  My money’s on the latter since he’s been calling of late and the fact that Nate may have done a runner.  Ruby gets the courtesy question but Blake isn’t getting anywhere and apparently hasn’t called the police.  Any normal parent would have ages ago, senioritis my ass.  He’s really hurt Nate.

Ruby starts beating herself up for not stepping in, not being there and basically not being the hero to rescue her beau from his horrible circumstances.  I think she did what most people would do but the guilt is beginning to eat at her.  Additionally, being seen as a spoiled teenager in an expensive car was a little disquieting for her too.

Gervais is waiting for her prior to her final asking her a list of things or as I like to refer to it, a “rub down”.  In my head he’s a little like a boxing trainer wiping sweat away, supply water and keeping muscles loose.  He finally leaves her to get at the test but not before she notes that he invoices her for the tutoring sessions on pre-printed letterheads which made me giggle. 

So apparently all I needed to know to succeed in maths was – take my time, prime my brain and get into it.  Why didn’t anyone tell me this fifteen years ago?  Fortunately Ruby didn’t suffer from any of the panic blanks that I was used to and seemingly worked her way calmly through the problem sets.  Using the recommended ‘blank out’ theory on the last question, Ruby has an epiphany of where Nate is hiding out.  I like that Ruby couldn’t remember the exact details of the unit, that she was at a quandary to which floor or actual unit it was.  It’s much more representative of reality than situations where people have perfect recall of past events and locations.

Entering one unit she finds the USWIM t-shirt and the object of her thoughts, Nate. 

“How do you even begin to return to someone, much less convince them to do the same for you?”

Nate is unsurprisingly startled by Ruby’s appearance at his secret haunt but it’s the healing bruises that are the telltale sign that he’d been through hell.  Before I spoke about how Sarah approaches things realistically, Ruby didn’t have the answers for him or even a dramatic monologue.  All she had was a note on the weather and an invitation inside.  It wasn’t until I was re-reading my blog entries to scrounge for interview questions that I realised Ruby had quoted Cora.  I felt stupid, how did I not catch that?  It brought Ruby a whole lot more of understanding on Cora’s initial standoffishness.

And then the chapter finished.  Boy they are getting shorter and shorter.  When I started they were forty pages a piece and now I can do two a day.

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One thought on “Lock and Key – Chapter 18

  1. emma says:

    Oh no, interview questions!
    must think of some to contribute. Or at least one.:P
    promise i’ll get back to you.

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