Lock and Key – Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Olivia is over at Ruby’s place, my how things have changed from the ‘I don’t know you’ statement of the beginning of the story.  I love that procrastination has led to the discussion of the ins and outs of pond installation.  I thought it would be as easy as Olivia guessed, but apparently we are both wrong.  Olivia confronts Ruby about the status of her relationship with Nate and she gets nothing except that it’s not a stalemate or a breakup.  Like Olivia says-

“It’s pretty rare to find someone you actually like to be with in this world.”

So true.  I like that Ruby’s new friend is pushing her to see how ridiculous the situation is, but then again Olivia doesn’t know the reason for their falling out in the first place.

The idea of Jamie having to make conversation with Mr Cross is extremely unappealing.  The poor guy is there at the fence clearly indicating, via body language, that he wants to get away from the crazy man.  After Jamie’s excitement earlier in the book for arrival of Peyton as a friend of Ruby’s I was expecting some more pep from him in his meeting with Olivia.  Or perhaps Jamie is used to Ruby’s slowly widening circle of acquaintances?

Olivia gushes over Jamie and his creation, Ume.com.  He’s on the sign in page of the site, just like good old Tom at myspace.com I am guessing.  Was myspace the inspiration for Ume.com?  Or was it facebook? From what Olivia said, I am thinking the former. I love that Ruby didn’t care or was unaware of his important to some people, that his creation was a lifesaver (as expressed by Olivia).  He seemed pretty chuffed until she gives him an honest critique and then he’s mining her for feedback.  Only Jamie wouldn’t take it personal, he’s genuinely interested in developing a better product. 

“Online, I’m popular.”

This line has no importance to the plot of Lock and Key but I wanted to highlight it.  My best friend argues that none of my online friends are “real”.  Online, like Olivia, I am more popular than in real life.  I have people that contact me due to my podcasts, review my fanfic, talk to me via IM and Twitter and then there is this blog.  It just made me laugh because it sounds like something I would say defensively when people accuse me of being boring when I am blogging or preparing/recording/editing a podcast.  It’s the feedback that makes it worth it.  I am guessing it is the same for the author.  All the work, criticism and brain freezes are worth it when people acknowledge what you produce.  (I would like to remind you at this time that I would love more iTunes reviews LOL).

Later on Ruby discovers that Jamie, the nicest man in the world, is screening the calls of Mr Cross, the biggest ass in the world.  Turns out Blake Cross is pushing Jamie to invest in some idea of his.  NO Jamie, don’t do it!!!  Jamie admits to getting suckered in to a tough luck story and handing over some money to Blake.  Cora was pissed, she knows a swindle when she hears of one.  I still cannot believe that Jamie was that trusting.    I love that Ruby defends Jamie when he criticises himself-

“You’re not a sucker.  You’re just nice.  You give the people the benefit of the doubt”.

“Usually to my detriment…However, other times, people even surpass my expectations.  Like you, for instance.”

This is in contention for my favourite moment in the book.  It was sweet and redeeming. 

I adored Ruby’s description of Middle-school girls because I see that pack mentality every day at school.  It scares me, they are like hyenas or jackals ready to pounce.  After a copious amount of gushing over the KeyChains, specifically the discussion of ‘eco-chic’ which cracked me up.  Ruby is in a self-confessed bad mood which Harriet chalks up to finals, college and an open future. 

Ruby then flips Harriet’s comment about being open on to her.  Brilliant.  If Harriet is anything like me, she’ll hate being pegged as a hypocrite.  It is brilliant.  Hit her with the extent of time that passed before she hired Ruby and then drive the nail down with the Reggie mention.  I am beginning to feel a little self-conscious, probably because a lot of what Harriet said I can remember saying myself.  Time for the butterfly to escape the confines of the cocoon. 

Harriet remarks on her debits, being more than she remembered, release a siren sound in my head.  I have a big ‘oh-no’ moment when I remember the new banking system Blake Cross has introduced into Rest Assured.  This cannot be good.  When coming home Ruby discovers that Roscoe has peed all over the floor as Nate hasn’t walked him that day.  I feel like a house of cards might have collapsed and I am deathly afraid for Nate’s wellbeing. 

The next chapter is going to be a doozy.


A Note from Adele

I am speeding up.  Only a few short chapters remaining and I am feeling a little sad.

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