Lock and Key – Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Harriet is getting media attention for her key necklace designs.  Anyone else would be thrilled by this marketing that would generate awareness and sales, but not Harriet.  She’s nervous.  If Harriet were a dog she would definitely be a high strung, piddling poodle. It was while I was reading about the KeyChain phenomenon that I accidentally ripped the page and gave myself a paper cut.  I really am giving Bella a run for Edward’s money in the clumsy and spatially unaware stakes.  Of course the delightful Aussie slang term ‘bugger’ fell from my lips too, while in the presence of children.  It really has been a bumpy start to the day.

So successful is the KeyChain line that people are calling from interstate, every girl at school is wearing one and there are now accompanying bracelets and rings.  How would you attach a key to a ring?  Poor Reggie confesses to Ruby that he told Harriet that he thought she was special over Christmas.  ‘Special’ is a good word for it, a bit like nice or cute.  Harriet turned him down using the success of the store as an excuse for not being in the ‘relationship place’.  Wow she really isn’t all that into him or she is in some serious denial.  Poor bloke.  I feel for him.  Unrequited love sucks, at least he knows he won’t have to see her swanning around with someone else.

“Sometimes we just have to be happy with what people can offer us.  Even if it’s not what we want, at least it’s something. “

I understand where Reggie is coming from but I have seen so many of my friends settle for less in relationships.  The concept of settling for less makes me cringe.  Sometimes you can settle but sometimes you need to cut your losses. Self-preservation is key.  If all a guy can offer me is the occasional kind word and a bad attitude then he’s getting kicked to the curb.  You basically have to use your own discretion but when emotions are involved that becomes extremely tricky.

We learn that post-Valentine’s Day existence has been extremely hard on Nate and Ruby’s couple-dom.  It’s awkward, so much so that Ruby’s avoiding the car pool and studying harder than ever on raising her calculus grade.  She may be avoiding the issue, but then so is he.  Neither of them are being proactive, feeling more comfortable in the cone of silence.  Ruby hasn’t even opened the gift that he gave her.  There is no way that I would be able to stare at that thing and not rip the wrapping off, patience isn’t one of my strong suits when it comes to presents.

Nate’s existence seems to be rapidly deteriorating.  His every moment is observed by Ruby, he’s constantly in motion.  His father’s business keeps him working at all hours and I am becoming increasingly concerned for his college acceptance.  Ruby, like me, is on the sidelines worriedly watching his life fall further into chaos. This self imposed isolation is not a great sign.

Needing some sort of confidant in her concerns for Nate, Ruby approaches Heather (in a round about way.)  Thank goodness Heather is pretty forthright or Ruby may never have said anything.  It is peculiar that I do not hate the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist’s love interest.  Usually they are shallow skanks with low intelligence and are experts in cruelty.  I am on new ground here, but I like it.  I like that Sarah has created a world of grey.  Ex-girlfriends are not always the reason a guy is screwed up.  Sometimes they are futilely trying to help.

Worse is Heather’s admission-

“I hate to tell you, but if you think keeping your distance makes it easier not to worry…it doesn’t.  Not really.”

Ruby already knew this but it further confirms the limbo she is in when it comes to her concerns for Nate’s welfare.  Also as a sidenote, I always have a mental picture of Sharon from My So-Called Life when Heather appears?  Weird huh?

Gervais is a good tutor.  I can’t say I am surprised about it, even though Ruby is.  Gervais sounds better than my math tutor who ate Throaties continually and thought that writing formulas on art pads was the cure for any lack of math ability.  Dude, I can read but algebra just ain’t my thing!  His breath was bad and he reeked of Throaties and cigarette smoke.  I cannot believe my mother left me alone with him, let alone paid him for trying to teach me Pythagoras.

Olivia shows an inordinate amount of foresight and kindness in regards to Gervais’ massive crush on her.  She’s not encouraging it but she’s being nice to him and fostering a nice friendship. Who thought that the prickly Olivia would be so kind to a gas emitting, kid genius?  When Ruby comes clean about Gervais’ original plan she’s not concerned.  Olivia has definitely mellowed out.  She really needed a friend at Perkins and it’s done wonders for her disposition.

Ruby is actually applying to colleges.  I am amazed that she actually took that step, made the effort and put herself out there.  I hope she gets accepted at all three, it would do wonders for her self-worth.  She has potential and she is only now realising it.

The English Project is something that has temporarily been set aside.  For some reason I can see all her research being plastered over one of her bedroom walls somewhat like Chloe’s Wall of Weird (sorry but I love Chloe on Smallville.) Ruby’s fixation with Jamie’s family photo could be that it’s what she’s never had and wants.  It could be like seeing something that’s not right, not compatible with your brain, a completely foreign concept.  The attraction of something new.

Ruby thinks about what family is to her for what I am pretty sure is her first time.

“For me, right then, it was one person who’d left me, and two I would have to leave soon.’

Jamie, whether she is conscious of it or not, is her family now.  Like Cora said, an addition in the continuing evolution of family.  Pity she couldn’t admit her attachment too him, he’s be stoked beyond belief. 

Ruby comes home to see Cora and Jamie visibly stressed.  Her Mom (I find it incredibly weird spelling that word that way, it’s always been Mum to me.)  Having been found unconscious in a hotel room her mother was sent to rehabilitation, I am assuming by the courts.  Her mother was okay.  The relief was palpable.  It is peculiar to note that Ruby was more distressed by the knowledge that her mother had been deserted, left alone when the same person had done that to her.  Cora and Jamie are putting up the money for the rehab but I sense there is some relief that there she is unable to contact Ruby for awhile.  That they can continue to look after Ruby as they have, without the interference of the neglectful, abusive treasure that is their mother.

“Nothing is going to change”

When Jamie said that I realised that it was very much a Nate-like declaration.  The belief that positive words could smooth over any disastrous situation.  Cora and Ruby know better.  Knowledge of her mother’s safety and location was cutting Ruby adrift again when she had only just found her footing.  I feel like cursing her mother out.  Worst still is Ruby’s feelings, that this event is confirmation that she isn’t supposed to have bonds or share connections.  That people are interchangeable, she only had enough for a select amount of people.  This saddens me.


A Note from Adele

Sorry for the delay in this chapter but life and Breaking Dawn happened.

I am rapidly beginning to finish this book so remember to send any questions in to sddiarist@gmail.com.

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I am considering buying Mad Men on dvd, I have heard great things but it’s not showing Down Under.  Should I buy it? Is it any good?

Lastly, I am glad that Ms Dessen had a fabulous holiday but was anyone else as excited to see her blog update as I was?  I think I am officially addicted now.

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