Not Happy

Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn is being released here in Oz today.  Two days after the American release.  I have studiously avoided all Twilight sites intending on reading it in one hit tonight.  Yesterday, I opened my LiveJournal friends page to find someone had summarised around 3-4 main plot points in one line.  I didn’t mean to read it.  The fact that she had posted it in the preview section of her posting was in really bad form.  I was talking on Skype with a friend in the US as I was online and he heard my grief.  He didn’t understand but he knew it wasn’t good.  I think I nearly cried. 

And no, to answer your question, I am not going to spoil you in some kind of twisted sense of justice.  That would be just plain old mean.

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3 thoughts on “Not Happy

  1. emma says:

    Don’t feel bad about getting it two days late. I had it preordered, and I’m still only getting it today. The mean bookstores had this whole campaign to get people to come to the midnight release parties, and their big shtick was ‘Be the first, buy it in stores’ and all that. I should have had my copy delivered Friday the 1st, but because that wouldn’t go with the campaign, I wont be getting it until today because they don’t deliver on Saturdays.
    Cruel and unfair, don’t you think? 😛

  2. megan says:

    yeah, i’m avoiding spoilers too. i live in the us, and i preordered mine, but it hasn’t come yet. we’ll see how it goes. i can’t wait to read another update from you!

  3. Adele says:

    Well I am good now as I picked the book up after work and had it read by midnight. Just under six hours of straight (and somewhat intense) reading has fried most of my brain cells. Not going to talk about how I feel in regards to the book as yet as I don’t want to talk about key plot points and ruin it for others.
    I feel horrible for those of you who pre-ordered copies only to not get them promptly. They knew there was going to be a huge demand and they should have been more organised as a result.
    Have a blast reading the book and perhaps we can discuss it here later?

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