Catch Up

Big apologies in the delay of a chapter diary this week so far, work has been intense (in the really needing to cry it out way). But I must admit that an email from Anna, a high school student made my morning. I received a lovely email earlier in the week from Emma also. Both I will read on the podcast as with receiving emails, it is possible to have an email section.

Just a request from this humble book worm – if you have some time could you meander over to iTunes and leave me a review? Reviews heighten the chance that other people will discover that your podcast exists and let’s face it, the narcissist in me is willing this to happen.
Correction – I now have one review thanks to bookworm101 (great name), let’s see if I can have 10 by the start of next week or am I reaching here?

Lastly, I am slowly wrapping up Lock and Key. I would like you to think about:
1. Your favourite character.
2. Your favourite moment.
3. If you could ask Sarah Dessen anything about this book, what would it be?
4. Which book should Adele tackle next?

If you post them on the blog or email them to me I will share them (unless you ask me not to.) C’mon people let’s get a little more interactive.


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One thought on “Catch Up

  1. Victoria says:

    1. Nate
    2. When Nate gives Ruby the USWIM T-Shirt (actually, I like all Naby moments)
    3. What song do you think would fit Nate and Ruby best?
    4. Along for the Ride, chapter by chapter. Just like this one. It’s really nice.

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