Casting Gervais?

The second last casting choice of the main character group is for Gervais.  He needs to be twelve, which made it difficult because the number of 12 year old, male actors I am aware of is non existant.  I checked out the Young Artist Award winners of ’08 and I name popped up that I thought I recognised.  Jimmy Bennett has been in Gilmore Girls, Poseidon and will be the young Captain Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie.  He fills all my geeky quotas by far.

It makes the reality of a twelve year old tutoring college students in calculus all the more alarming, doesn’t it?  Last choice will be Ruby, to be posted soon.

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7 thoughts on “Casting Gervais?

  1. YoungMomma says:

    Do kids really look that young at 12yrs old?? Man, California is getting our kids looking older and older every day!!! 🙂 Very cute, I’d love to see him with the full headgear lol

  2. pike says:

    He’s very cute!!!!

  3. Jessica says:

    he is just so cute, he is sooo perfect

  4. Emily says:

    I think that he is a really good actor for his age:D

  5. dany says:

    jimmy bennet so cute

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