Lock & Key Internet Trawling

Typing in “Lock and Key” can get some interesting responses, some being innocent, some not so much.  I thought I would list a few bits and pieces I have found to augument my Lock and Key reading experience.

Reviewer X – A sophomore book reviewer who wasn’t the greatest SD fan…until this book.

Sarah Dessen Video – youtube SD interview.  I’ve posted it before but as Cappie says ‘me likie’.

The Reading Zone – A middle grade teacher’s thoughts on Lock and Key.  Another vote towards it being SD’s best novel yet.

Literature Map – Something interesting I came across.  Type in the authors name and a map will be created with the closer authors being more likely to be read by the same reader.  This was a random find but I am having fun playing with it.  It is true though, I read Ann Brashares and Meg Cabot but haven’t heard of Megan Mccafferty, I’ll have to look her up.  Surprisingly there is no sign of Tamora Pierce anywhere.  Shock.  Horror.

Zach Smith – his short interview with SD plus her initial concerns about the YA label.

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3 thoughts on “Lock & Key Internet Trawling

  1. Heya, thanks for the plug 🙂 Very cool. I’m officially on the Dessen wagon, it seems.

    – Steph
    P.S. I just tried my link and it didn’t exactly work… Just thought I’d point it out. =)

  2. Adele says:

    Steph, I fixed it thanks for making me aware. I am unsure of what happened, maybe an extra http?

  3. I think you forgot to put the : on there. When I clicked on it, it went http//. 😉

    Thanks for fixing it!


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