Lock and Key – Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Thirteen is my lucky number so I confident that this chapter is going to rock my socks.  Before you start scoffing and say that 13 is in no way lucky, I will add that I celebrated my 13th birthday on Friday the 13th and no axe wielding freak or masked sociopath came after me.  No ladders, black cats or any more of that nonsense either.  However if a sociopath does want to look me up, I would gladly receive Dexter.  Is it weird to enjoy a show about a serial killer that much?

Ruby finds herself taking more and more interest in Nate.  It is not something she had accounted for, not something she wanted but she cares now and she can’t let go.  She desperately wants to see if he is okay but the memory of his rejection at the end of the last chapter makes her wary. 

Christmas morning, a time of joy and celebration is marked by one simple event.

“I got a new backpack, some CDs, a few books, and a laptop.  Cora got her period.”

I felt actual grief for Cora.  I was hoping, like she was, that they would be successful.  In reality I know it is really difficult to conceive via medical means and that a lot of people aren’t successful.  The sad thing is that most of those couples would be fantastic parents.  Life really isn’t fair.  Cora knows she is extremely fortunate in her life but her inability to conceive, something that is shockingly easy for some, a natural event, it’s beyond her grasp and she’s pissed.

I felt for Ruby as she presented her gift to Cora.  The amount of fear she’d be holding onto would be huge.  I love giving presents but the stress of getting the right thing, an item that the person would like is a lot of pressure.  Ruby gives her one of Harriet’s necklaces, silver with red stones.  Giving this present would be even more stressful as it is such a personal reflection of Ruby, rejection of the gift would be in part, rejection of Ruby.  The significance of the red stones and Ruby is not lost on me either.  Fortunately Cora loves it –

“It’s beautiful…It’s like yours!”

Gervais rocks up at Ruby’s place, all dapper.  Poor sod. He’s already behind the eight ball as she wanted it to be Nate at the door, not the gas-maker.  He has a proposition; I cannot help but think of that Demi Moore and Robert Redford movie.  Okay moving on…he starts off wrong with his slight condescension and labelling of her calculus as ‘easy-schmeezy’, how has she not hit him Gibbs-style on the head yet? Ruby finally understands that Gervais likes her and this is his approach to wooing her. I try and contain the laughter.  Then I swallow the giggles and realise that his crush is actually on Olivia, not Ruby.  I think it is interesting that she turns him down based on the concept that it would be deceptive to use her friendship for him to get closer to Olivia.  She shocks herself, she had a real friend.  In the end she is ‘guaranteed’ she’ll pass calculus for the paltry sum (cough, cough) of twenty bucks a hour.

Post-Christmas/pre-NYE party?  Are Cora and Jamie insane?  Who could be bothered?  I would be hiding out in the laundry too. Nate is apparently avoiding Ruby and she surprises herself by worrying about it.  I love Cora’s description of a Jamie Christmas being like ‘an endurance trial’, it is an extremely fitting label .  When meeting the batty Barbara, Cora steps in as defender again and sweeps aside a nosy question regarding their mother.  In this instant you can see how good a lawyer Cora must be changing the subject and re-aligning the conversation to suit herself.  I wish I had that talent.  I always end up grimacing or doing my best goldfish impression complete with open mouthed bobbing.

Nate and his father arrive at the party with macaroons, nice touch.  There is the awkwardness, a hilarious description of the IT crowd that work for Jamie and then the present.  He got her a present.  Awwww.  It’s a USWIM t-shirt and I sigh a little more.  I want a Jamie or Nate of my own.  Ruby against her better judgement asks Nate about his Christmas, pushes him into quantifying it and gets the normal smoothing over, everything is dandy response that are so typical of Nate.  He ends up distracting her but snogging her in the hallway.   He’s smooth.  But how long can a relationship be sustained when they have the elephant (known as Mr Cross) in the literal and figurative room?

Cora forces a shopping trip.  I love that Sarah chose to revisit this idea, that they would have a second attempt now that they are bonding.  Ruby again is being prickly but Cora’s not letting her make excuses this time.  They are really pushing each other, challenging one another, making their relationship grow.  Ruby is so reluctant she feels the need to explain-

“It’s not about Mom…Or not just about her.  It’s a big change.  I’m not used to…We didn’t have much these last few years.”

I have been waiting for this.  Ruby opening up to Cora about what had happened since she was gone.  It showed the level of trust that is burgeoning between them.  Then Ruby learns that her mom refused money from her dad, that she deliberately made them live in hardship.  There are too many ugly truths regarding their mother.  No wonder she’s terrified to become like her.

Cora spent her time and resources looking for Ruby.  She ignored her father, no wanting to face that possible rejection.  It is easy to understand.  Cora had been rejected by her mother for wanting more from life, she believed her sister rejected her too.  There was no way she was going to open herself up to her father, better not to know and live with some sliver of hope.  Now that Ruby’s with her, ‘strength in numbers’ she feels confident enough to try.  Ruby’s presence has renewed her faith in family.


A Note from Adele

Thanks to Emma for the email, it made my day!

My Lock and Key casting choices will be up soon.

I was jealous of all the people who went to Comic Con.  I have been scrounging the internet for the details on things from Twilight (Rob, sigh), The Watchmen, Bones, Dexter, Smallville, Heroes and Lost.  Yes I wave my geek flag proudly.  If only I could have seen that footage of Mr Tim Riggins as Gambit in the Wolverine movie.  Jackman and Kitsch in one movie, I am sooooooo there.

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  1. emma says:

    hey! you made my day too! haha, I had no idea about the Wolverine movie! I’m so excited Jackman and Kitsch in one movie? As my two favorite Xmen no less. Definitely must see 😉

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