Freaky Chance of Fate

A few days I went on and on about my cat allergy.  Karma just kicked me in the booty for being a sooky-la-la as I had a massive allergic reaction today.  Where from?  I was relieving for another teacher and after sitting on her chair for a couple of hours, on and off, I touched my face.  Turns out she owns a cat, hence the hair was on the cat.  I have a bad case of Quasimodo eye again and freaked the kids out with my bark-like breathing.  Oh well, I am fine now.  Bless anti-histimines.

Maybe when I finally get around to writing my book I can add this as a funny character quirk for one of my characters?  That way I might get some mileage out of weird things happening to me.  It’s a better option than whinging though. 

Have a great weekend.  I shall update tomorrow.


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