Lock and Key – Chapter 6

Chapter 6


So Gervais is annoying.  He seems to have his finger ready to push Ruby’s button every day of the week.  He obviously has a major crush on her – it’s the twelve year olds default setting if they like someone, to annoy the crap out of the girl.  The fact that Ruby visualised punching him was hilarious, even more so that she had decided –

“…between his braces and his headgear, there was no real way of getting to get at him and make a real impact.”

Getting the stink eye only seems to encourage his attentions and I reminded of flirting in the pre-teen days when you have no idea what you are doing.  Of course Ruby isn’t reciprocating but Gervais just sees that his actions are getting results.  Just like when I was in seventh grade and this guy continually snapping my bra straps to make me go mental.  It worked for him, not so much for me.


I love that Gervais for all his time in the adult and teen world, finds farts and burps hysterical.  Typical of kids really.  My first time teaching five year olds shocked me as I took them on a tour of the school and pointed out the toilets.  This results in near hysterical laughter as ‘toilet’ and ‘bottom’ were risqué.  I can remember rolling my eyes and smiling condescendingly.  Farting in a car though is completely disgusting.


It turns out that Nate shares the same theory with me, that Gervais likes Ruby.  Ruby though is completely in denial stating that she is unfriendly to which Nate replies-

“…You’re reserved, maybe.  Guarded, definitely.  But not unfriendly”.

Nate obviously spends some time thinking about Ruby.  I love that Nate describes himself as “compulsively friendly”, probably the same reason I am not totally enamoured with him as yet.  The hard edge I like in people isn’t present in Nate at all.  The next paragraph ruins my train of thought as a radio station and a girl named Annabel is mentioned.  Just Listen, ahh how I enjoyed you.  Another little shout out to another of her books, this is awesome.


It is interesting to see evidence of Ruby’s wariness with money and a stocked pantry.  She’s terrified that if she adjusts to this comfortable way of life that it will be ripped away from her.  That it is all temporary, a mirage.  She stashes it away, probably to save just in case but she never states that despite my confidence that she means it for that.


Cora ends up caving on the employment with the assurance that Ruby goes to one psych session.  Good work Cora.  Ruby’s continual thoughts about her mother worry me.  Is she really connecting with the concept that her mother deserted her?  Desiring the presence of someone so bad for you is an interesting one.  My relationship with my father is a rocky one and I can relate to Ruby.  That being in their presence can be intensely frustrating and that you can even hate then but you love and miss then regardless. 


“ Family .  They’re the people in your life you don’t get to pick.  The ones that are given to you, as opposed as those you get to choose.”

So true.  I sometimes wonder would I pick my father if I had had that opportunity and the answer is always an overwhelming ‘no’.  We love our parents despite their flaws and faults.  My brother a few weeks ago said that he knew he could treat mum worse because she’d always be there.  Horrible and yet reassuring at the same time.  Both my brother and I have such faith in my mother for all the things she has done for us, Ruby gives her mother that same belief with no substantial reasoning.  DNA has such a hold on people.


Olivia seems to have some boy issues.  I like that Ruby was so honest, even after awhile.  Then again she probably didn’t think she had a friendship to lose if she was honest.  But I can guarantee that it is a personality trait that Olivia respects in a person.


So Jamie turns up at the school to give Ruby a ride and I feel that something BIG is going to happen.  That we are about to gain a bigger insight into Cora.  I resist the urge to clap my hands with glee.  I feel gut wrenchingly sad that her first instinct is that she’s getting kicked out of the house.  Her realisation that she didn’t want this was even more powerful.  Then to have Jamie bring up college and that Cora no longer wanted ‘to be the bad guy’ is interesting.  This couple are really together in their decision making and Jamie’s support is just amazing.  That he went and spoke to the guidance counsellor for a person he wasn’t blood related to speaks a lot about this guy and how much he loves Cora. 


Jamie needs to get a hold on this pond deal.  Koi?  Really?


We get our first face to face meeting between Ruby and Heather.  I feel like Heather’s trying to tell Ruby something about Nate.  Not a warning so much as trying to get her into the loop.  To be there for him.  Normally I would interpret a character doing something like this in a selfish way but I think she’s truly looking out for him.  Is he depressed, shadowing it with a happy facade?  Does he have some issues that he’s not talking about?  Is it something about his absent mother?  Who knows?


Peyton rocks up at Ruby’s house at 5.45pm on  a school night, unannounced and uninvited.  I am sorry but that’s plain rude.  A bit like calling someone’s house after eight on a work night.  (Sorry that’s one of my weird hang-ups).  It is pretty telling that Ruby feels “uneasy” with her presence, that’s she’s not ecstatic to see her.  This friendship has issues.  Even worse she turns up reeking of pot and looking like hell.  This girl seriously doesn’t have much of a clue does she?  I am glad that Ruby shuffles her out, Cora and Jamie shouldn’t have to deal with her.  In fact neither should Ruby. 


It an interesting way this scene with Peyton mirrors the one with Heather.  They are both trying to tell Ruby something without being specific.  It’s this kind of coded conversation that gives me the irrits.  Just say what you need to say already.  Unlike with Heather though, I feel as though Peyton has done something or knows something potentially harmful to Ruby. 


I love Ruby’s perception of Jamie

“…who seemed beside himself with the fact that I actually had a real, live friend.”

I just want to eat him up, he’s divine.


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