Okay so you might have swung by the blog today so see what’s happening with chapter 6.  And you have found nothing.  I apologise as I discovered something, something magical and mesmerising.  A little show called My So-Called Life.  I started watching last night and 24 hours later I have 4 episodes to go and no blog or podcast to speak of.  I humbly apologise and beg forgiveness as this is something beyond my control.  This is not an addiction I can kick until I am done.

Reasons I am wrapped up in My So-Called Life love –

  • The fact that they can’t refer to Jordan Cattalano as Jordan.  Perfection.
  • Ricky, his calmness and rationality is something that is a wonder to behold.
  • Jared Leto’s eyes (before he decided to be an elderly emo band wannabe)
  • Sharon, I hated her in the beginning for being so conversative but I love her more with every Angela and (especially) Rayanne conversation.
  • Jason Katims – he’s worked on three of my fave shows now – MSCL, FNL and Roswell.
  • The school dance with the Brian voice over, Jordan’s arrival and Ricky/Delia dance.
  • Danielle the little sister looked familiar and I finally figured it out, she was Tina on Greek – the girl that gave Rusty crabs lol.

On that note I need to scamper off and watch some more to put an end to the addiction.  Sorry and goodbye.

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